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Separation of the Worlds

The pandemic greatly expedited the process of ascension, bringing about significant changes and advancements at an unprecedented pace. The global health crisis acted as a catalyst, propelling various aspects of our lives towards a higher level. From technological innovations to remote work and virtual communication, the pandemic has forced us to adapt and embrace new ways of living and working. It has pushed us to reevaluate our priorities, seek alternative solutions, and find resilience in the face of adversity. As a result, the pandemic helped to accelerate our ascension, propelling us towards a future that is more interconnected and adaptable to change.

The last year of lock-downs was the most intense phase in our ascension process. The global pandemic accelerated humanity’s collective awakening and hastened the separation of worlds in a way that few people could have foreseen. The virus really helped to crystallize the dimensions, a.k.a. the Three Earths, by magnifying the sometimes-hostile polarization between people anchoring 3D, 4D and 5D levels of consciousness.

3D Consciousness – The ‘Old’ Earth

The Earth: In the third dimension, the pandemic is a real threat; masks and physical distancing save lives, and the vaccine is essential protection for the vulnerable. The governments of the world are working hard to keep their citizens safe, and this includes lock-downs when necessary.

The People: Ones holding this vibration are afraid of dying and of losing loved ones. They cannot comprehend people in 4-D, whom they may refer to as ‘conspiracy theorists’. They perceive the refusal to wear a mask and to get the vaccine as acts of extreme selfishness, bordering on hostility towards the vulnerable members of society.

When dealing with people in 3-D: It is important to recognize their fear, and to act accordingly. Do not argue with them; you will not change their minds. Be respectful of their vulnerabilities, and do what you can to help put them at ease (i.e. maintain a safe distance; wear a mask). They are not trying to strip you of your rights; they’re just trying to survive. Save your protests for the appropriate time, place and people. They believe in the virus, and that makes them vulnerable. Do what you can to protect them.

Spiritual Perspective: Those in 3D are going through an accelerated awakening. They are facing their greatest fears: mortality; separation from loved ones; financial peril, etc. These upsetting disruptions are shaking up every facet of life on the planet, which in turn, is helping to break down the old systems to make way for the new.

4D Consciousness – The Transitional Earth

The Earth: Beliefs at this level are divergent and dystopian. Most view the viral outbreak as a ‘plandemic’. Either the virus is a hoax, designed to strip us of our freedoms and finances, or it was engineered to depopulate the planet. Vaccines are viewed with acute suspicion. Some believe they contain nanobots that can control us, while others believe the jabs will alter DNA. Most fear this is leading to a draconian New World Order that includes a thwarted ascension and a trans-humanism AI agenda.

The People: Ones holding this vibration are afraid of losing their freedom and possibly their humanity. They cannot comprehend people in 3-D, whom they may refer to as ‘sheeple’. They perceive compliance with government measures (i.e. masks, lock-downs, vaccines) as a dangerous and slippery-slope. They see themselves as truthers and freedom fighters, who must resist the global cabal and the service-to-self ETs who threaten humanity’s very existence.

When dealing with people in 4-D: As with those in 3-D, it is important to recognize their fears, and not argue with them. Be respectful of their truths, and understand that they feel duty-bound to fight authority. They are not crazy people, nor are they trying to harm you; in fact, they believe they are standing up for you and your loved ones.

Spiritual Perspective: Those in 4D are going through a collective Dark Night of the Soul. They are dealing with their deepest fears and healing their shadows. They are also gaining strength by reclaiming their power and sovereignty. This phase of ascension is equivalent to being a teenager (i.e. diverging from parents; exerting greater autonomy; etc.).

5D Consciousness – The New Earth

The Earth: Neither the virus, nor the vaccines, are a threat to people holding 5D frequency. Their energy fields are powerful enough to transmute anything of a lower vibration. Lock-downs are used for relaxation, introspection and spending quality time with household members.

The People: Ones holding this vibration are sympathetic to the fears held by others, but they are not personally afraid. They see the global events as necessary ascension catalysts. This group walks the middle path, and remains as neutral as possible, for in this space there is peace. They see others’ truths without bias; they can entertain divergent perspectives, while not feeling the need to choose one over the other. On the flipside, they may oscillate between versions of reality while they figure out which path will bring them the greatest peace.

When dealing with people in 5-D: Folks at this level are compassionate and empathetic, so dealings with them tend to be positive. The only ‘downside’ may be their lack of desire to protest with you, or to share your fear, but rest assured, they understand your truth.

Spiritual Perspective: Those in 5D have gone through many years, even decades, of awakenings, Dark Nights of the Soul and other ascension processes. They have released enough fear to be able to hold a space of peace for others.


Regardless of which Earth you are aligned with, your consciousness is fluid. It can fluctuate between all three dimensions; however, there will be one dimension where you spend the majority of your time. That is how you determine where your consciousness is currently anchored. If you are in 3D or 4D and are not happy about it, trust that you are moving up through the dimensions, but are doing so at your own pace. Until we have moved through this trifurcation of worlds, it is important that we respect each other’s journeys. Fighting only compounds our hardships. Try your best to be kind and have compassion for others, even if you do not share their points of view. Be safe, be well, and love each other.


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