New Services

Multidimensional Guidance After a much-needed self-healing hiatus, Kim is happy to be […]

World Angel Summit

Experience the Power of Angels Hay House, along with Doreen Virtue and […]

Spirit Art Creations

By Kim Hutchinson I’ve been taking a much-needed break from healing in […]

Archontic Implant Removal

By Kim Hutchinson Recently, I knowingly participated in my first Archontic implant removal. […]

How to Discern False Angels

By Kim Hutchinson Recently I was contacted by someone who was concerned […]

Leap of Faith

By Kim Hutchinson The theme of owning one’s power keeps coming up […]

Forgiveness: Your Ultimate Superpower

By Kim Hutchinson You have a superpower. No, it isn’t flight or […]

Angels, Owls and Psychopomps

By Kim Hutchinson My beloved grandfather passed away on Friday. I know […]

11,000 Angels, Near-Death Experience and Solar Flares

By Kim Hutchinson Significant Solar Flare Yesterday (Jan. 7, 2014), a giant […]

The Wondrous Multidimensionality of Life

by Kim Hutchinson There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, […]

Sailing with Spirit

By Kim Hutchinson This week, a client asked how to balance surrender […]

Does Your Aura Need a Shave?

By Kim Hutchinson Something unusual happened yesterday during one of my Multi-Dimensional […]