New Services

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Multidimensional Guidance After a much-needed self-healing hiatus, Kim is happy to be back helping people again. She is even more excited to be offering a new approach. Source told Kim to focus on transformation, rather than healing. While meditating on how to accomplish this, Kim realized the best approach was to provide a spiritual guidance comprised […]

World Angel Summit

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Experience the Power of Angels Hay House, along with Doreen Virtue and friends, have created the first World Angel Summit. This online event will offer many practical tips for working with the angels to add joy and healing to your life. There will be at least 2 lessons each day which will be available to listen to […]

Spirit Art Creations

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By Kim Hutchinson I’ve been taking a much-needed break from healing in order to recharge my batteries through creativity. (You know what they say…healer heal thyself.) And so, here are some of my creations. I will continue to add to these categories as well as to create more.  If you want to see all of my creations, […]

Archontic Implant Removal

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By Kim Hutchinson Recently, I knowingly participated in my first Archontic implant removal. (I say knowingly because, in retrospect, I am aware of having helped remove other Archontic implants, one of which appeared to be a giant black squid.) I’m very excited to share my experience because the results were so positive, and because I firmly […]

How to Discern False Angels

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By Kim Hutchinson Recently I was contacted by someone who was concerned about the beings that he was channeling. They claimed to be archangels, and yet these beings were untruthful, manipulative and occasionally even malicious. They even gave him unwanted ‘attunements’. This is not the first time I have encountered false angels. Several years I […]

Leap of Faith

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By Kim Hutchinson The theme of owning one’s power keeps coming up in my healings, readings and conversations. As a response to encouraging people to stand in their power, I am frequently met with unbridled fear. Never have I had so many people in such crisis over the same issue. This is obviously a collective […]

Forgiveness: Your Ultimate Superpower

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By Kim Hutchinson You have a superpower. No, it isn’t flight or invisibility (I’m guessing); it is your ability to forgive. Not glamorous enough for you? Trust me; there is no more powerful gift than forgiveness. It is your ticket to happiness, freedom, joy, robust health, wealth and wisdom. How can something so seemingly innocuous […]

Angels, Owls and Psychopomps

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By Kim Hutchinson My beloved grandfather passed away on Friday. I know he was in good company because before he passed, he told my mother he was surrounded by 11,000 angels. He also had a snowy owl to guide him Home. This magnificent bird was spotted at sunset by my parents as they were journeying […]

11,000 Angels, Near-Death Experience and Solar Flares

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By Kim Hutchinson Significant Solar Flare Yesterday (Jan. 7, 2014), a giant cloud of solar particles, called a coronal mass ejection, erupted from our Sun. according to NASA, this was a significant solar flare. The solar eruption was preceded by a mid-level flare earlier in the day. Powerful solar flares like this contain concentrated levels […]

The Wondrous Multidimensionality of Life

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by Kim Hutchinson There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. – Hamlet (Shakespeare) During my Multidimensional Healing sessions, the angels of healing and I work with a person’s higher selves (their soul in every dimension) and with their soul group and family. Consequently, these healings are […]

Sailing with Spirit

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By Kim Hutchinson This week, a client asked how to balance surrender (trust) with intentionality (making things happen). During her healing session, the angels provided this wonderful sailing analogy by way of response: Imagine that you are in a sailboat. The boat is your life. You use intention to turn the wheel/rudder. This steers the […]

Does Your Aura Need a Shave?

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By Kim Hutchinson Something unusual happened yesterday during one of my Multi-Dimensional Healing and Guidance sessions. While in a lucid dream state, I was facilitating a remote healing for a person who was experiencing emotional duress. Archangel Michael was assisting with the process of clearing her energy field. Ordinarily, Michael’s tool of choice is a […]