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Forgiveness Heals

By Kim Hutchinson

super powerYou have a superpower. No, it isn’t flight or invisibility (I’m guessing); it is your ability to forgive. Not glamorous enough for you? Trust me; there is no more powerful gift than forgiveness. It is your ticket to happiness, freedom, joy, robust health, wealth and wisdom. How can something so seemingly innocuous be so powerful? It’s simple, really. True forgiveness restores your innocence and faith, and allows you to fully enjoy life like a child…with the pleasure, laughter and play.

Karma Dissolved

What a person does or says is his karma; how you respond is your karma. If you are unable or unwilling to forgive, then you co-create karma that will need to be resolved at some point in your soul’s journey. Forgiveness cuts your negative ties to people, places and events. It is the key to stepping off the Wheel of Karma.

There are other methods of dissolving your karmic debts such as reincarnation and suffering, but forgiveness is the most expedient and the least painful. If you can truly forgive someone for hurting you, then you bypass the need to see life from your abuser’s point of view. In other words, you will not have to play the role of an abuser in this life or in a future incarnation.

Stop Abusing Yourself

As someone who has been injured, you may feel it is unjust and unfair to be asked to absolve your abuser. You may also feel angry about the need to reincarnate as an abuser yourself in order to understand the person who hurt you. It’s easy to fall into the trap of victim consciousness. I’ve been there many times in my past so I truly understand how hard it is to transcend it. What I came to understand was that I had to release my pain in order to feel good again. If I hung onto, and replayed, my painful memories, I was abusing myself. The actual abuse took very little time whereas my memories had the potential to last a lifetime. Forgiveness was the only way to stop reopening my wounds.

What’s Eating You?

The key is to staying happy is to not take anything personally. Failing that, the next best solution is to completely forgive a person’s transgressions. That doesn’t mean you have to allow yourself to be victimized. By all means, assert your personal power in a healthy, loving manner; just don’t carry a grudge. Resentment is like an acid that corrodes the vessel that houses it.

If you do get sucked into someone else’s pain, don’t despair! You can always call upon your superpower. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you condone hurtful behaviour; it simply and neatly cauterizes the wound. Do yourself a huge favour: forgive, forget and move on.

The Illusion of Separation

We-Are-OneAt the heart of forgiveness lies a knowingness that we are all One, and that the One is Love. Your soul remembers this divine truth; only your human half is in the dark. You have temporary amnesia, and that causes you to act in ways that are not in alignment with your higher self. The same applies to others. Most people are simply reacting to life’s circumstances, and their reactions are, at times, hurtful. In the words of Archangel Michael, “If people could do better, they would”.

Forgive Like a Pro!

If you think forgiveness is beyond your ability, here are a couple strategies to help you:

Forgive yourself – Most people forget this part, but it is essential to the process. Victims often subconsciously blame themselves. Maybe you feel you let yourself down by ‘allowing’ the abuse to happen. Self-forgiveness heals this self-recrimination.

Connect on the Soul Plane – If you can’t face your abuser, either because they have crossed over; they live too far away, or you simply do not want to talk to them, reach out to his/her higher self instead and extend forgiveness. It’s much easier to feel love for a person’s soul.

Practice Ho’oponopono – Think of your abuser, and then repeat the following until you feel a shift in your heart. Repeat this process every day for at least a month.

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

crystalsWork with these crystals:

  • Sugilite – Eliminates hostility
  • Apache Tears – Heals grief
  • Lepidolite – Takes away pain
  • Rhodochrosite – Evokes compassion
  • Rose Quartz– Heals the heart chakra (relationships)
  • Malachite – Helps you move on

Work with these Angels:

  • Archangel Zadkiel – Angel of forgiveness; releases judgment, blame and self-pity
  • Archangel Raguel – Resolves conflicts and restores harmony to relationships
  • Archangel Chamuel – Brings divine love and compassion
  • Archangel Michael – Removes negativity and fear
  • Archangel Raphael – Heals and rejuvenates
  • Archangel Jophiel – Beautifies your thoughts
  • Archangel Jeremiel – Brings mercy and self-love, and helps you learn the lessons inherent in the situation


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    Kim is a highly empathic spiritual healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Her writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

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