Messages from the Other Side

By Kim Hutchinson This was my first Christmas without Dad, and I […]

The Trifurcation of Worlds

By Kim Hutchinson The past year was the most intense phase in […]

How to Stay Connected

By Kim Hutchinson This past year has been surreal and challenging for […]

The Journey of Light

By Steve Clayton Life is circular And this must always be so […]

Finding Your Truth: Poem by Steve Clayton

Finding Your Truth

By Steve Clayton The hardest of tasks: To truly know the real […]

Earthquake or Ascension Portal?

By Kim Hutchinson Last night I was awakened by a strange phenomenon […]

The Key to Ascension is Peace

Mother Earth Reveals the Key to Ascension

By Kim Hutchinson I connected with Mother Earth to ask her perspective […]

The Power of Light Language

By Kim¬†Hutchinson I was speaking light language when something amazing happened. Light […]

Proof of a Timeline Jump?

In an old album, I discovered several of my baby photos that I had not seen before, and I have no idea how they got there. Nothing about these pictures makes any sense to me, yet, somehow, I am now in the possession of five ‘new’ photos of my childhood.¬†Could these photos have come from an alternate reality? Are they evidence of a timeline jump?

Ascension: Choosing a Higher Path; Anchoring to 7D

By Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson Does your heart yearn for a […]

21st Riverview Holistic Fair: May 4-5, 2019

The Little Fair with the BIG Heart Heal Your Mind, Body and […]

Repairing the Atlantean Time Loop

By Kim Hutchinson I had an interesting ascension dream in which I […]