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Timeline Jump Proof

By Kim Hutchinson

In an old album, I discovered several of my baby photos that I had not seen before. I have no clue how they got there.

They are unlike all the other photos I have from that time. It is easy to see that these ‘new’ photos were taken with a different camera, and were developed on different photo paper, than all my other baby pictures.

I asked my family members if they had given me the photos. They all said no.

Next, I checked online. A few years ago, I had scanned and uploaded all my baby photos to my computer for safekeeping. The ‘new’ ones were not there.

Then, there is also the issue of where the photos were located. I found them in the middle of my photo album. All the photos are placed in correct chronological order. This implies that I was in possession of said photos when I originally created the album.

Following that logic, if I had been in possession of the photos when I scanned the album, why were they not part of the online collection? And, most importantly, why do I not remember them?

Nothing about these pictures makes any sense to me, yet, somehow, I am now in the possession of five ‘new’ photos of my childhood.

Could these photos have come from an alternate reality? Are they evidence of a timeline jump?

What do you think?


  • Kim Hutchinson

    Kim is a highly empathic spiritual healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Her writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

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2 thoughts on “Timeline Jump Proof”

  1. I think you may be right! It’s one thing if they were part of a random bunch of loose photos that found their way to you because someone in the extended family passed them over, but for them to be in the book you yourself put together? Hmmmm, I say! I think it’s support that we’re in a simulation and for whatever reason had a collective timeline “jump” a while back, circa 2012. Your own personal Mandela Effect! I still can’t get past that now it’s “…and the WOLF shall lie down with the lamb…” not the LION! What the what? Big hugs to you, Kimmy, and Steve too. I think of you every day. I need to sign up for a healing soon! XO

    1. My Dear Rosemary,

      I always love hearing from you! <3 I have been thinking a lot about you, too, and feeling it’s time to reconnect.

      Thanks for the enthusiastic support of the idea of the timeline jump. It’s very exciting! I’ve noticed so many changes in my life this year, but this is the first time I’ve been given physical proof. (Thank you, universe!)

      Have you heard of Cynthia Sue Larson? She has done a great deal of research into the topic of the Mandela Effect. I’ve been listening to her on YouTube and she’s fascinating. I’m not sure if she has referred the wolf and the lamb, but that’s such a great example!

      Lots of love to you! xoxo

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