Ascension Symptoms: Spring 2018

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By Kim Hutchinson Everyone on Planet Earth is being upgraded energetically. Some of us are being prepared for ascension and life on the New Earth, as per our soul readiness and desire; others are being lifted to the level that best suits their soul’s journey. The energy that is transforming us came from the Galactic […]

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Ascension Update: Feb. 2012

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By Kim Hutchinson How are you feeling these days? Have your emotions and physical symptoms been all over the map? If so, you’re not alone. The ascension process is definitely kicking into high gear. Signs of the Shift Mental and Emotional: Rapid cycling of emotions, seemingly for no reason Feeling happy and joyful, yet short-tempered […]

The Ascension Process: Karmic Release

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By Kim Hutchinson In keeping with the season, I’ve decided to talk about ‘spring cleaning for the soul’. Given that our soul is an eternal entity, you can well imagine how much unwanted baggage, or karma, can accumulate over the course of numerous incarnations. This karma can hinder your ascension process if you do not […]