Dog Healing Synchronicity

By Steve Clayton Every animal healing is remarkable, but I seldom write […]

Helping Animals Cope with Stress

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How to Heal Your Pet

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Your ascending pet

Animals Affected by Intense Energies

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June 2018 Workshops and Events

[Updated June 4th] Workshops June 16 – Pet Healing Workshop Learn how […]

Pet Healing Workshop: May 26

Learn how to heal your animal companions the natural way! Steve will […]

Your ascending pet

Our Animal Companions

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Energy Healing for Cats

Steve’s cat healing skills are featured in this month’s edition of Global […]

Your ascending pet

Animal Ascension Symptoms

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Our Animal Companions

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Pet Protection

by Kim Hutchinson If you’re like us, then you feel guilty, and […]

Animal Healing: A Study in Love

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