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How to Heal Your Pet

I have had a few inquiries asking why animal family members are acting out of sorts. Despite us being home, and getting more of our attention, our animal companions sense we are not home on vacation. They feel our concern for the health and safety of our loved ones, along with anxiety about the economy and our future in general. Pets are cycling through highs and lows; excited one moment and frightened the next. In three short months, 2020 has brought great change to the world. Although we are doing the best we can do deal with social isolation and health concerns, it can be hard to keep fear at bay. This anxiety is affecting our animal companions. Our beloved four-legged family members are helping us deal with our worries by subtly removing it from our energy bodies and releasing it. With the extra fear and negativity present in the world at this time, many are becoming overwhelmed. They need our help.

How to Help Your Pet

The following is a healing method I developed based on years of animal healing experience. I am sharing it with you so that you can help the animals in your life. This is a simple meditative exercise that is easy to  of us. The more we are heart-centred the easier and more effective these sessions will be for both of you.

When helping your pet, there are only two tenets you need to remember:

  • All healing comes from Love
  • Energy follows thought

The more you can be heart-centred during these healing sessions the more effective they will be. Visualization, though not necessary, helps to anchor and strengthen the process.

Meditative Pet Healing Exercise:

Duration: 10 minutes upwards to one hour

Step 1: Centre Yourself

  • Begin with your pet lying on her back. She can lie in your lap, or on the floor, depending on her size.
  • Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and rhythmically. Relax.
  • Ground yourself to Mother Earth by imagining that you are a tree whose roots are deeply embedded in the earth.

Step 2: Connect

  • Place your right hand over your pet’s heart and your left hand over your heart.
  • Visualize a small bubble forming within your own heart.
  • Fill the bubble with the immense love you have for your beloved animal companion.

Step 3: Heal 

  • Once the love bubble feels full, visualize it moving from your heart into your pet’s heart.
  • The bubble will then dissolve, releasing the love contained within and cleansing the heart of fear, stress or negativity and replacing them with the love you have sent.
  • If your animal companion jumps up and runs away, do not worry. This is a new addition to the relationship between you two. Your pet may simply be surprised by the amount loving energy coming straight from your heart to hers. Wait a few minutes and try again. She should adjust quite quickly once she realizes what is happening.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, visualize another bubble forming in your heart. Again, fill it with all the love you can, and set the intention (and visualize) for this bubble to travel from your heart to your pet’s heart.
  • If you wish, after you get used to doing this, you do not even have to visualize a bubble in your heart but see the loving positive energy flowing directly from your heart to the animal’s heart.

Step 4: Expand

Once you become used to interacting with your furry family members in this way, you can expand the healing by adding the following intentions:

  • Set your intention for the love flowing from you to enter into your pet’s complete chakra system. Each chakra can then be cleared and recharged so that it is functioning properly. This will help her better deal with what is happening in the world.
  • You can further strengthen these sessions by setting the intention to heal specific ailments such as an injury or infection.

In Summary 

Have confidence in your ability to help your pet. This exercise will help to reawaken your innate, dormant healing gifts. Take the time to rediscover this side of yourself. Your animal companion will thank you for it!


  • Steve Clayton

    Steve is a compassion, wise energy healer who helps people and animals regain their inner balance. Steve and wife Kim Hutchinson created in 2008 to provide holistic care for people, pets, and places worldwide. Additionally, Steve has supported the local holistic community as the founder and organizer of the Riverview Holistic Fairs, and as a member of the Riverview Health and Wellness Committee.

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