Heart-Based Holistic Health Care

We are a husband and wife team of holistic energy healers from Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada. We've been providing naturopathic care for people and animals worldwide since 2008. At Clayhut Healing, we believe that all healing come from Love. 

We work with nature to restore balance and wellness in mind, body and spirit. If you feel drawn to our services, then we look forward to partnering with you on your journey back to wellness.

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson

Gift Certificates

In-Person HealingTell us the amount you wish to give and the recipient's name. You may pay cash for the certificate when you pick it up, or prepay via eTransfer or PayPal. The gift certificate can be used towards any in-person healing (i.e. Vibrational Energy Healing or Pet Healing).

Distance Healing: Purchase the healing online that you wish to give as a gift (i.e. Multidimensional Healing & Guidance or Distance Pet Healing). Then, tell us this is a gift, and provide us with the person's name. We will email you a gift certificate which you can give to the recipient. It will include instructions on how to redeem it.

New Healing & Guidance

Kim has bundled her services into eight new healing and guidance packages. Each one is tailored to your specific needs. These newly combined services offer more powerful healing and wisdom. They also save you money.

New Options!


In-Person healings are covered by extended healthcare plans (category: NATUROPATH).


Distance healing is available for people and animals around the globe.

House Calls
for Pets

In-home animal healing is available in the Greater Moncton area.


We have services for everyone, including expectant moms, children, teens and seniors.

Days & Hours

Bookings are made to fit your schedule (daytime, evenings and Saturdays).

& Wisdom

We created Clayhut Healing in 2008, and we have 20 years combined healing experience.

Healing Services

Naturopathic Consultation

Natural Healing; Holistic Wellness; Healthy Lifestyle; Insurance Receipts Provided

Multidimensional Healing & Guidance

Combines Dream Healing; Soul Journeys; Intuitive Insights; Spiritual Guidance; and more

Vibrational Energy Healing

Combines Energy Healing (Reiki and Chios); Sound Healing and Crystal Healing

Animal Energy Healing

Combines Energy Healing (Animal Reiki) with Mother Earth / Elemental / Heart Energy

It contains a wealth of original articles, written by us, beginning in 2008. Topics include healing, spirituality, ascension, personal development and holistic events and news.

Many of Kim's articles have been published on, where she is a guest writer. Kim's articles have also been published by Spirit of Ma'at, Waking Times, How to Exit the Matrix, Galactic Connection, and more.

Spirit Art Gifts

Whether you are looking for metaphysical gifts for your spiritual friends; holistic business cards for your healing practice, or yoga clothing and accessories for your spirit, our Zazzle store has it! Kim's mystical designs are featured on clothing, home items and much more!

Created by Kim with Love

Boost Your Life Force

Surround yourself in high vibrational energy.

We use this unique service to ensure that our home is a healing sanctuary...and you can, too! It can also transform your business into an extraordinary work environment, and your phone into a nurturing, high vibe bubble that surrounds you wherever you go.

Expand consciousness. Sleep & meditate more deeply. Boost your body’s natural healing ability. Increase focus, concentration, creativity. Relax. Feel more peaceful. Energize your space. Mitigate harmful EMFs.

About Us

Kim Hutchinson

Multidimensional Healer
Ascension Guide

Steve Clayton

 Energy Healer
Naturopathic Consultant

Happy Clients

Over the years, we've been blessed to receive so many positive comments, testimonials and feedback from the people we have helped. Here are just a few:

"Steve is such a powerful and humble healer. The energy causing the migraines has been cleared so that I can function once again."
- Jennifer Enman

"Kim is absolutely the most heart-based, gifted Light Worker I have ever encountered. Kim changed our lives forever, in the most beautiful ways."
- Crystal Little

"Our dog had a lump on her chest. Today it is totally gone. I am a big believer in Steve's pet healing and I would recommend his service to everyone."
- Tasha Jones

" blessed this world is to have such stunning pillars of light who care about each and everyone the way you two do 💚 soooo bless you Steve and Kim."
- Nick Raworth

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