Past Life Readings

With Kim Hutchinson

Free yourself of past life fears, limitations, and blockages, while enriching your life with greater clarity, wisdom, insight, and purpose.

Your history decoded

Unlock the Mysteries of the Past

Deepen your understanding of this life with soul memories from prior incarnations

The Past is Present

You are an eternal being. You have always existed, and always will. Your higher consciousness has continuity. Each time you incarnate on Earth, you are continuing to evolve and grow from prior lifetimes. To your soul, your entire history on Earth is but one life. The past, therefore, is actually very 'present' for you.

Lifetimes of Learning

Earth can be viewed as a school for your soul. Your curriculum follows archetypes or themes. Each chapter in your learning manual takes multiple lifetimes to complete. Unfinished lessons are addressed in subsequent incarnations, namely by balancing your past experiences with opportunities to better align with your higher purpose. This is known as karma.

Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Gain greater clarity, wisdom, and wellbeing. Enrich your self-knowledge. Align with your purpose. Access forgotten talents. Break unhealthy patterns. Lift stubborn blockages. Clear mysterious phobias and ailments. Release old beliefs and limitations to make way for new, fresh potentials. 

Past Life Reading Process

Click the headings below to learn more about each step of the process, and what to expect.

After you purchase a Past Life Reading, Kim will contact you via email to let you know what she requires to help you. This will include your area(s) of interest. She will then let you know what day she plans to consult with your higher self, angels, and guides for past life insights. As this is a spiritual process, it happens outside space-time limitations; therefore, there is no need to coordinate a time.

Kim will prepare for your Past Life Reading by asking for your highest self's permission, then connecting with your higher self, spirit guides, and angels. While in a lucid dream state Kim will journey with your soul to the past lives that most pertain to your goals for this reading (i.e. the origins of a health issue, or the reason for a phobia). She may also visit the Akashic Records soul library for further enlightenment.

Kim will make a digital audio recording detailing the insights revealed. She will also interpret the symbolism of the messages and explain any concepts that may be new to you. Kim will then email you a link to the recording. You can listen online, and then download it for safekeeping. Once saved to your cloud storage and/or device(s), you can listen to the audio recording as many times as you wish.

Temporarily Unavailable

Kim's is recuperating from knee surgery. When she is able, she will resume her services. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you are in need of healing or guidance in the interim, Steve would be happy to help.

Past Life Reading:
1-2 Topics



Past Life Reading:
3 - 4 Topics



Happy Clients

"Wow that was just amazing! I cried. Everything that is truly important to me at this time was mentioned or was happening in my past lives. You're amazing. What a gift you have!" 


"The guidance about my son's past lives led to some extraordinary developments. His quality of life has improved tremendously. I have no words to express my gratitude for this!"


"My past life reading with Kim was a game changer. I haven't felt this confident in years. Gone are the phobias that kept me from living my best life. Seriously the best reading I've had, hands down!"

Peter R.