Reiki for Animals

With Steve Clayton

Enhance your pet's wellbeing with powerful, yet deeply relaxing, life force energy; or, provide end-of-life peace and comfort.

Features of Animal Reiki

Holistic Treatment

Energy healing addresses your animal companion's whole being. Healing flows to all levels: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. Animal Reiki helps to bring your pet's body, mind and spirit into a healthy balance. It can also clear potential problems energetically before they manifest as physical symptoms.

Loved By Animals

Animals recognize the energy, and they love it! They can feel the energy in Steve and are drawn to him. Dogs on leads have dragged their humans across a park just to get under Steve's healing hands! When on house calls, Steve frequently ends up healing all the animals in the home because they each insist on being healed.

Gentle and Natural Care

Energy Healing for Animals is a non-invasive, drug-free, and natural form of health care that integrates well with veterinary care. It naturally calms stressed animals. They find it soothing and relaxing. Most dogs and cats fall asleep during the treatment. To further their comfort, Steve heals pets in their home.

Effective With Many Species

Steve has helped dogs, cats, horses, ponies, birds, hamsters, rabbits, goats, and fish. He would be happy to help your animal companion, too.

Benefits of Animals Reiki

Animal Reiki heals at the energetic level

Energy Balance

Animal companions have an energy field (aura and chakras) which can suffer disturbances that manifest as distress and disease. Steve uses a special type of energy healing to address their needs. He pays particular attention to the chakras that are unique to animals, such as the brachial, as these are integral to your pet's wellbeing.

Animal Reiki helps keep your pet healthy

Physical Wellbeing

Energy healing is an ideal complement to veterinarian care. It can help your pet recover faster from medical issues such as illness, disease, injury, and surgery. Animal Reiki enhances the body's natural self-healing abilities, while also easing pain, and facilitating relaxation. Regular healings are also an effective form of preventative health care.

Calm your stressed pet

Emotional Ease

Animal can suffer from anxiety, fear, stress, depression, and aggression. Animal Reiki is effective at helping them to relax and de-stress. Steve has helped pets overcome emotional blockages such as a fear of traveling by car; separation anxiety; sadness due to the death of a loved one; aggressive behaviour towards people, and more.

Help your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge

End-of-Life Peace

For pets who are ready to leave this world, Animal Reiki can help them make that journey in peace. The energy eases their pain, both physical and emotional, while soothing and relaxing them. Steve helps animals to transition in the comfort of their home, surrounded by loved ones. He also provides distance Reiki to help pets worldwide.

Animal Reiki Process

Click the categories below to learn more about each process, and what to expect.

If you live in Riverview, Moncton, or Dieppe, NB, Steve will perform the healing in the comfort of your home. He begins by getting to know your animal companion. Once your pet is relaxed, and has consented to the healing, Steve will assess their energy field with his hands, looking for energetic disturbances. Then, he will begin the healing by channeling life force energy into your animal companion using a combination of light touch and no touch. Steve will ensure all chakras and auric layers are clear and healthy. He will also focus on problem areas that you identified to him. Following the healing, Steve will discuss the results with you, and will provide follow-up care suggestions.

Steve starts by tuning into an animal's energy field and getting to know them on the spirit plane. When he receives permission from the animal Steve then begins the session. He can intuitively sense the health of the aura and chakra system, and will look for energetic defects and disturbances. Next, he remotely channels healing energy to those areas to repair the damage and will ensure all chakras and auric layers are clear. He also focuses on any problem areas you identified. Following the healing, Steve will tell you about the healing, and explain how to give your pet follow-up care. If needed, Steve will also provide a free follow-up check-up to see how your pet is faring.

Animals know, and accept, when it is time to make the transition Home. If Steve tries to heal them at this point, they will reject the energy; however, if he sets the intention to help them make a peaceful transition, they readily accept the help. Steve begins by connecting his heart with the heart of the animal and of Mother Earth. He then channels a soothing, gentle energy that dulls pain, calm nerves and emotions, and makes the animal as comfortable as possible. Throughout the process, Steve pays careful attention to the animal's feelings and to any images communicated to him. Afterwards, he shares these "farewell" messages with the family. He also shows the pet parents how to connect with their animal companion beyond their regular level of communication so that their last sharing time is even more meaningful to both.

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Happy Clients

"Our dog had a lump on her chest. After Steve's healing, a little piece fell off. Everyday thereafter a little more fell off. Today it is totally gone, and our baby is doing fine. I am a big believer in Steve's pet healing, and I would recommend his service to everyone."

Tasha Jones

"He (Steve) is awesome. We had lost our 16 yr. old cat and the surviving one could not stop howling. He helped her calm down, did some Reiki on her and she lived to be 19."

Jocelyne S.

"Steve's gentle and humble nature allows him to easily connect with animals. I know him not only as a friend, but 'in action' as well with my cat, Marshall, during the last few years of his life. I have also gone to Steve for my own healing needs."

Kelly Gass