Energy Healing for Pets


Healing the Natural Way

All animals can benefit from energy healing. Steve has experience with dogs, cats, horses, birds, hamsters, rabbits, goats and fish, and he can help your pet, too.

Our animal companions are empathic, and are natural healers; they absorb our stress. Regular energy healings help remove accumulated stress that can lead to health issues. Energy healing clears their energy field and strengthens their immune system. The best part is, animals recognize the energy and they love it!

Animal energy fields

Energy Healing for Animals

Animals have an energy field (aura and chakras) which can suffer disturbances that manifest as distress and disease. Steve uses a special type of energy healing to address the needs of animals. He pays particular attention to the chakras that are unique to animals, such as the brachial, as these are integral to your pet's wellbeing.

Pets are empathic

Addresses Pet Health Vulnerabilities

Pets are highly attuned to our moods; as we suffer so, too, do they. Pets are also vulnerable to the same environmental toxins that adversely affect our health. Preventative health care for your pet is essential for warding off these maladies. If your pet is already coping with disease, then energy healing will help to accelerate healing.

Calm your stressed pet

Stress-less Healing

Animals are drawn to energy healing. Dogs on leads have actually dragged their humans across a park just to get under Steve's healing hands! Energy healing for pets is wonderfully soothing and relaxing, which is ideal for a pet that is in pain or is anxious. Most dogs and cats fall asleep during the treatment.

Energy Healing Benefits Pets

Holistic: Helps mind, body and spirit

Natural: Animals recognize the energy and they love it!

Restorative: Speeds self-healing; clears the aura and chakras, and restores a balanced flow of life force energy

Preventative: Clears potential problems energetically before they manifest as physical symptoms

Safe: Non-invasive and drug-free

Soothing: Gentle; calming; reduces anxiety and phobias; deeply relaxing

Convenient: Provided in-home (or in a barn, stable, etc.)

Complimentary: Integrates with veterinary care

Loving: Strengthens the bond you share

Loving Energy Services for Animals

House Calls

- Clear, balance and uplift your animal companion's energy
- Address physical, emotional and behavioural issues at their root level
- In the comfort of your home
- Available in Riverview, Moncton & Dieppe

Distance Healing

- Revitalize and balance your pet's energy field
- Address physical, emotional and behavioural issues at their root level
- Available worldwide
- Includes a free check-in
- Suitable for animals of all kinds

End-of-Life Comfort

- Gentle, soothing energy to help ease pain, grief and fear
- Help your beloved animal companion to transition more peacefully
- Available worldwide

Energy Healing for Pets

Steve will intuitively scan your animal companion's energy field, looking for disturbances. Next, he'll channel healing energy to those areas to repair the damage and will ensure the chakras and aura are clear. Following the healing, he will provide you with a description of the healing and recommended follow-up care.

Distance Healings: Steve will also provide a free follow-up check-in on your pet.

House Calls: Available in Riverview, Moncton and Dieppe only

End-of-Life Comfort for Pets


Locating Lost Pets

If your animal companion is missing, Steve will do his best to help locate him/her through intuitive methods. Please note, finding lost pets is not Steve's speciality, so there is no set fee for this service. Please give whatever amount you feel is right.

Energy healing available around the world

Distance Healing

Steve will tune into your animal companion's energy and get to know him/her on the spirit plane. Then, he will intuitively sense your pet's aura and chakras, looking for energetic defects and disturbances. Next, he'll remotely channel healing energy to those areas to repair the damage and will ensure all chakras and auric layers are clear. He will also focus on any problem areas. Following the healing, Steve will tell you about the healing, and explain how to give your pet follow-up care. If needed, Steve will also provide a free follow-up check-in to see how your pet is doing.

Steve will come to your home

House Calls (Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe Only)

Steve will come to your Riverview, Moncton or Dieppe home to perform the healing. He will begin by getting to know your animal companion. Once your pet is relaxed and comfortable, Steve will assess his/her energy field with his hands, looking for energetic disturbances. Then, he will begin the healing by channeling life force energy into your animal companion using a combination of light touch and no touch. Steve will ensure all chakras and auric layers are clear and healthy. He will also focus on any problem areas. Following the healing, Steve will tell you about the healing, and will show you how to give your pet follow-up care

Purchase a Pet Healing

This is the first step in booking a healing with Steve. He will be in touch after your purchase to make arrangements.

  • Prices are in Canadian Dollars (see currency converter), and payment options include PayPal and eTransfer.
  • Purchase of a service indicates that you agree to the Terms of Sale and Disclaimer. You must legal age to purchase a healing.
  • House calls are only available within the Riverview, Moncton and Dieppe area. They are one hour in length, and are subject to COVID-19 Restrictions.

Happy Clients

Over the years, Steve has been blessed to receive so many positive comments, testimonials and feedback. Here are a few:

"Steve is a powerful pet healer. He has worked on all of my dogs, plus two of my sister's dogs. He did this thru distance sessions which I admit to being skeptical about until I saw the results. Steve is the real deal."

"Our dog had a lump on her chest. After Steve's healing, a little piece fell off. Everyday thereafter a little more fell off. Today it is totally gone and our baby is doing fine. I am a big believer in Steve's pet healing and I would recommend his service to everyone."

"He (Steve) is awesome. We had lost our 16 yr. old cat and the surviving one could not stop howling. He helped her calm down, did some Reiki on her and she lived to be 19."