Earth Spirit Readings

Wise Intuitive Guidance

Earth Spirit Readings with Steve Clayton are a holistic blend of intuitive insights, sage counsel, and healing wisdom. Steve channels intuitive messages from Mother Earth and nature spirits (i.e. trees, elementals), along with a person's energy field, guardian angels, and spirit guides.

Grounded wisdom

Insights to Illuminate Your Path

Move Forward with Greater Confidence, Clarity, and Peace of Heart

Healing, Heart-Based Messages

Earth Spirit Readings come from a place of love, compassion, and a sincere desire to help. Steve is passionate about healing, so every message he channels is infused with nurturing, uplifting, and empowering energy.

Sage, Helpful Guidance

Every reading is infused with time-tested wisdom. Steve is an ancient soul with eons of experience on the Earthly plane. He not only knows how to effectively navigate the myriad of challenges that life presents, but he also delights in helping, healing, teaching, and guiding others. He would love to be your Earth Spirit Guide!


Earth Spirit Readings are currently offered via email only. The information is provided in text format.

After you purchase a guidance session, Steve will send you an email telling you what he needs in order to prepare. This will include your name, question(s), and a recent photograph.

Steve will then let you know what day he plans to consult with your soul for answers. This process happens outside space-time limitations so there is no need to coordinate a time.

During the Reading

Steve prepares for the reading by asking for your highest self's permission. He also sets the intention to only receive messages that are in the greatest good of all concerned.

Steve then centers himself in his heart, and calls on your higher self and soul team (spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones). He also asks for the help of Mother Earth, nature spirits (i.e. trees, animals) and the earth angel realm (i.e. elementals).

While in a deeply meditative state, Steve then meets with your spirit light body. He reads your aura and chakra system, and communicates with your soul and the spirit guides.


After receiving messages from your soul, Steve ends the session with gratitude and releases the energetic connection.

He then composes an email detailing the experiences your souls shared along with the intuitive insights revealed.

While writing the message, Steve often channels additional intuitive insights through automatic writing, which he includes in the email.

Steve will also interpret the symbolism of the messages, and explain any concepts that may be new to you.

Purchase an Earth Spirit Reading

This is the first step in booking a session with Steve. He will then be in touch to plan for your session. Purchase of a service indicates that you agree to these Terms.

Intuitive Reading:
1 or 2 Questions

Cost: $99 Canadian
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Intuitive Reading:
3 or 4 Questions

With: Steve
Cost: $111 Canadian
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