Multidimensional Healing & Guidance

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Out of this World Healing

with Kim Hutchinson

Kim has done the impossible for me...the result was mind blowing.

Anna Weatherly

Infusions (NEW!)

Light up your life: Unlike healing, which focuses on overcoming problems, infusions are 100% positive. They contain high vibe energy, pure potential and personalized intentions, designed to help you reach your highest potential. Kim begins by filling her aura with divine love and light. Next, visualizes you embodying your chosen intention (i.e. vitality). Once the energy is fully infused with this positive intention, Kim channels it into an orb that she then sends to you. The infusion is ready for you to receive it whenever, and however often, you wish. Kim will provide simple instructions, along with affirmations, to help you embody the energy.
Purchase: Click the button beneath the infusion of your choice to purchase, and follow the PayPal instructions. Afterward, check your email for two confirmation messages, one from PayPal and the other from Kim. The latter will contain further instructions (i.e. providing a photo).
Exchange: $55 CAD

Boost your energy


Healthy, active energy to give your body and mind an uplifting boost

Uplift your mood


Uplifting, playful energy to help you reconnect with your inner child

Nurture your heart


Caring, nurturing energy to comfort you, and help keep you heart-centred

Find inner balance


Soothing, calming energy to help ease your mind and relax your body

Boost your imagination


Inspiring, dynamic energy to spark your imagination and vision

Enhance your self-worth


Positive energy to boost your faith in yourself and in your talents

MDHG (the 'Original')

Combined Modalities: Multidimensional Healing & Guidance sessions are a holistic blend of Lucid Dream Healing; Akashic Soul Insights; Angel Healing & Guidance; Ascension Support; Crystal Healing & Wisdom; Energy Body Healing (Reiki and Chios Healing); Etheric Implant & Entity Removal; Home Healing & Space Clearing; Past Life Healing & Insights; Source Reunion; Star Infusion, and Surrogate Healing.
Exchange: $77 - $111 CAD

Soul Journeys

While in a lucid dream state, Kim will meet with your soul in a higher dimension to learn about your healing needs. Together, you will then journey to the location(s) of your choosing.

Healing on the spiritual level

Spiritual Healing

Loving light beings, such as angels, will assist Kim in healing you on the soul plane. That energy will then permeate your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Angelic beings will lovingly heal you

Divine Guidance

To help with your healing journey, you will receive loving wisdom from the angels, spirit guides, and your higher self. Learn about the true nature of dis-ease and how best to release it. 

Receive an infusion of higher vibrational energy

Remote Healing

Healing and guidance are provided remotely, and all communication is via email.

Audio Guidance

Insights are recorded digitally. You can listen online, and save for safekeeping.

Blended Modalities

A holistic approach is used in healing. You need not choose a modality.

Healing Goals

You may choose 1 - 4 goals - per healing. A goal is your reason for booking this healing.

Happy Clients

Over the years, Kim has been blessed to receive so many positive comments, testimonials and feedback. Here are a few:

"I thank you from my heart and soul for such a beautiful session. Feel free to share my email as a testimony/review for the AMAZING work you're offering humanity."

"I feel lighter, happier and almost instantly transformed! I am Always Blown Away at your incredible ability to provide such an AMAZING Healing."

"Kim is absolutely the most heart-based, gifted Light Worker I have ever encountered. Kim changed our lives forever, in the most beautiful ways."