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Healing Services

We employ natural methods, and a holistic approach, to heal you in mind, body and spirit. Each healing session is approached with pure, heart-based intention. Our goal is to help restore your body's own natural self-healing abilities. 

Holistic Care

We offer both in-person and distance naturopathic healing for people and animals.

Naturopathic Consultation

Natural Healing; Holistic Wellness; Healthy Lifestyle; Insurance Receipts Provided

Vibrational Energy Healing

Combines Energy Healing (Reiki and Chios); Sound Healing and Crystal Healing

Multidimensional Healing & Guidance

Combines Dream Healing; Soul Journeys; Intuitive Insights; Spiritual Guidance; and more

Animal Energy Healing

Combines Energy Healing (Animal Reiki) with Mother Earth / Elemental / Heart Energy

Healing Modalities

  • ANGEL HEALING & WISDOM: Angels are higher dimensional beings of Love and Light who have been voluntarily helping humanity for eons. They love, protect, guide and heal us. They employ energy, Light, Love, crystals, sound and sacred geometry when healing. Their wisdom blends counseling, coaching and teaching, and empowers us to make positive choices.
  • ASCENSION SUPPORT: Ascension refers to the awakening process and re-expansion of consciousness that shifts us from the illusion of separation back to Source Oneness. Ascension healing and guidance helps with the awakening process; ascension symptoms; the Dark Night of the Soul; the Mandala Effect (timeline jumping); Vibration raising; intra- and extraterrestrial Influences, and more.
  • CRYSTAL HEALING & WISDOM: Crystals hold the memories of Earth's history and are richly imbued with Gaian goddess energy. Tap into ancient Earth wisdom and receive crystalline energy healing. Each crystal possesses unique healing and guidance properties, yet all offer sage wisdom and deep healing. Crystals respond to your vibration and to your subconscious mind. A crystal consult and healing will help you to feel more grounded and emotionally clear.
  • ENERGY BODY HEALING: On the quantum level, everything is energy, so repair of the energy body sends healing to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Energy healing addresses dis-ease on the energetic plane by focusing on aura and chakra clearing and repair; cords of fear removal, and prana tube repair and re-expansion. Regular energy healings can also help maintain wellness.
  • ENERGY HEALING FOR ANIMALS: Our animal companions are empathic, and are natural healers, so they absorb a great deal of our stress. Mother Earth energy combined with Reiki calms them while clearing their energy field (aura and chakras); strengthening their immune system, and removing unhealthy energy patterns that can lead to health issues. Animal recognize the energy and they love it.
  • GAIAN ENERGY HEALING: Mother Earth, along with her trees, waterfalls, mountains, meadows and lakes, all carry unique energy signatures that, when united with, help to restore your natural balance. Your healing begins with a heart-to-heart connection with Mother Earth and a merging of your energies. Then, you will connect with the various tree family energies, waterways, and land areas, allowing them to cleanse and restore your energy to its optimal level.
  • HOME HEALING / SPACE CLEARING: Stagnant, unhealthy energies can be found in homes where the occupants, visitors and even neighbours, have been angry, frightened, depressed, ill, or otherwise unwell. Earth-bound spirits and 4D service-to-self entities gravitate to unhappy homes. A home healing will help with spirit releasement, as well as dislodging and clearing the heavy energies from your home and your whole family, pets included.
  • IMPLANT & ENTITY REMOVAL: This 7D angelic healing removes astral entities and harmful implants from your energy field. The entities are often 4D service-to-self beings, and they cause suffering (i.e. pain, stress, anxiety, and depression). The implants have a similar effect. Most of them come from parasitical beings such as the Archons, and are designed to produce ‘loosh’ (the energy of fear), which they feed on. This healing both clears and protects you.
  • NATUROPATHIC CONSULTATION: This is a conversation about the present state of your holistic health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), along with your healing and wellness goals. You will receive recommendations, based on a natural healing approach (i.e. complementary healing methods; lifestyle changes), that are ideally suited to your unique needs. You will also receive guidance on how to achieve and sustain a state of wellness.
  • PAST LIFE HEALING: You are an eternal soul and you exist in every timeline, parallel universe, and dimension simultaneously. This healing will help resolve mysterious phobias, aversions and afflictions, and free you from outdated contracts, vows and allegiances. Resolve karma by learning from, and forgiving, your past. Reclaim forgotten talents and wisdom. Tap into happier bygone experiences, and integrate soul aspects from past timelines.
  • PHOTONIC INFUSION: This powerful, high vibrational quantum energy healing begins with an intuitive scan of your bio-photonic field. Next, while channeling 9D star energy through his hands, the healer visualizes the Flower of Life, a sacred geometric pattern that contains the building blocks of life. This ensures that all sub-patterns and systems are in divine order (i.e. flowing harmoniously; same brightness and energy levels).
  • REIKI: Reiki is perhaps the most widely known, and frequently employed, form of energy healing. It originated in Japan in the mid-1800s, and is truly holistic in its healing properties, addressing mind, body and spirit issues. Reiki involves channeling life force energy through the healer's hands into the recipient, through a light touch, or no touch. It is particularly effective for stress reduction and relaxation.
  • SOUL INSIGHTS: Are you a starseed or ‘native’ Earth human? What is your planet or star system of origin? What other dimension(s) do you feel connected to? Are you an incarnated elemental or angel? Are you an old soul or young? Are you part of the Blue Rays, or are you an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Child? Your soul will reveal the parts of its infinite existence, which are most relevant to you today.
  • SOURCE REUNION: Go on a soul journey back to the Source of All That Is. Feel your consciousness expand to encompass all creation as you merge every fragment of your Being back into the immense peace of oneness. Release all that no longer serves your highest good. Realign with your divine blueprint and receive a pure infusion of Love and Light. Full awaken to the realization that all is but a dream. Enjoy the total peace and perfection that is Source.
  • SOUND HEALING: Vibrational healing instruments have a positive effect on the health of your energy body. Crystal singing bowls emit powerful sound waves to dislodge stuck, stagnant energy and to encourage it to flow harmoniously. Further acoustic healing is delivered via the Sacred Solfeggio tuning forks, which are attuned to the frequencies of your chakras and their corresponding auric layers.
  • STAR INFUSION: In the ninth dimension, many souls are expressing themselves as stars. These glorious, fiery orbs of light are exquisite life-giving forces. This healing will help to activate your star power so that you can powerfully radiate light outwards like a sun. Clear your energy body of stagnant, dense unhealthy energy pockets. Burn away cords of fear, along with anything else that doesn’t serve your highest good. Infuse your entire being with Divine light.
  • VIBRATIONAL ENERGY HEALING: Energy, sound and crystals are holistically combined to restore your auric field, chakra system, energy meridians and prana tube. Experience a powerful blend of Reiki and Chios Energy Healing combined with vibrational healing instruments including a diagnostic crystal pendulum; Sacred Solfeggio tuning forks; crystal healing wands; crystal singing bowl, and healing music.

Happy Clients

"Was very relaxing and welcoming! I just had a baby so I have been feeling very drained. Getting the healing was just what I needed to feel rejuvenated and deal with the crazy life of having 4 children. Highly recommended!" - Natasha Hanna

"I have learned so many important lessons about who I truly am at my core that I can now move forward into a more loving and positive existence all thanks to the lovely Kim." - Evan Solis 

"Thank you Steve for healing our (fur) baby. It is very obvious that you cleared her intestinal issues because all systems are now functioning normally!!! She's far more relaxed now and seems much happier." - K.J.

"You two are great gardeners of light, and your seeds flower into this brilliant illumination that reach so many." - D. Levesque 

Integrative Health Care

The healing services we offer are integrative, which means they complement, rather than replace, conventional medicine. We cannot diagnose, prescribe or provide guaranteed results. Please continue to receive regular medical care, and consult with your doctor before following any guidance or treatment we suggest. You must be of legal age to purchase to receive healing or guidance, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. If in crisis, please seek immediate assistance from a licensed health care professional.

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