Our Healing Services

Holistic Healing and Guidance

For People, Pets, and Places Worldwide
Hands of light
Vibrational Energy Healing
Distance and In-Person Sessions

These deeply relaxing and restorative sessions provide you with a holistic fusion of Reiki, Chios Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Pranic Healing, Bio-Photonic Healing, and Naturopathic Wisdom.

Angelic, higher dimensional light
Multidimensional Healing
Worldwide Sessions

This blend of Lucid Dream Healing, Soul Journeys, Angelic Healing, Energy Healing, Crystal and Sound Healing, Ascension Support, and Galactic Astrology infuses you with transformational healing.

Hand to paw, heart to heart
Energy Healing for Animals
Distance and House Calls

This form of pet healing blends Animal Chakra and Aura Clearing, Reiki, Chios Energy Healing, and Mother Earth Energy Infusions, and helps to restore your animal companion's balance and wellbeing.

A journey through the stars
Galactic Astrology Readings
Worldwide Sessions

An insightful mixture of Galactic and Natal Astrology is now part of Kim's Multidimensional Healing and Guidance sessions. Learn about your soul origins, purpose, guides, and much more.

Angelic wisdom
Multidimensional Guidance
Worldwide Sessions

These intuitive sessions combine Lucid Dreaming, Soul Journeys, Galactic Astrology, Akashic Insights, Angel Readings, Crystal Readings, and Ascension Insights, to help illuminate your path.

Lighten the energy of your house
Home Healing
Distance and House Calls

This fusion of Reiki, Chios Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Divine Light, Angel Healing, and Spiritual Protection, helps to clear your property and infuse it with nurturing energy.

"Steve is such a powerful and humble healer. The energy causing the migraines has been cleared so that I can function once again."

"Kim is absolutely the most heart-based, gifted Light Worker I have ever encountered. Kim changed our lives forever, in the most beautiful ways."

"Our dog had a lump on her chest. Today it is totally gone. I am a big believer in Steve's pet healing and I would recommend his service to everyone."