Healing Services

Healing Modalities

Our healing services holistic blend these therapeutic techniques

Angelic Healing

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is rest and let your angels wrap you in their loving wings. They've got you covered.” - Anna Taylor

Angels are loving, compassionate spiritual guides from the higher dimensions who help us without judgment. They heal with pure intention, divine light, crystals, energy and sound, and their empowering, loving wisdom blends counseling, coaching, and teaching. Many healings take place on the Angelic home world in a healing facility such as the Crystal Palace, a crystalline structure used for sound healing where angels gather to sing. Your entire being will reverberate with angelic harmonic resonance, and those waves of love and light will remove stubborn blockages and retune your energy field to the frequency of Source.

Ascension Healing

"There's always another level up. There's always another ascension. More grace, more light, more generosity, more compassion, more to shed, more to grow." - Elizabeth Gilbert 

Ascension refers to the awakening process and re-expansion of consciousness that shifts us from the illusion of separation back to Source Oneness. Whether you have been on the ascension path for a while, or have recently awoken and are unsure of what is happening to you, Kim can help. As an ascension guide, she is well-versed in topics such as the Awakening Process; Ascension Symptoms; the Dark Night of the Soul; Ascension Mechanics; Timeline Jumping; Vibration Raising; Intra- and Extraterrestrial Influences; the Multiverse; our Multidimensional Origins, and more.

Bio-Photonic Healing

Source created the Flower of Life (FOL). From this sacred geometry flows Divine Light and Love. That coalesces into multiverses and all spectrum of life.

Experience high vibrational quantum energy healing! Steve begins by intuitively scanning your bio-photonic field. Then, he infuses you with 5D - 9D photonic star energy, while visualizing the Flower of Life pattern. This ensures that all sub-patterns, such as the Platonic solids, are in divine order (i.e. flowing harmoniously; same brightness and energy levels). Healing the building blocks of life truly gets to the root of all dis-ease.

Crystal Healing

“Crystals are like batteries that store and transfer energy, and can be used to balance and harmonize the energy in our bodies.” - Katrina Raphaell

Crystal healing is a non-invasive, natural and gentle way to restore wellness. Crystals have been employed throughout history to treat imbalances in the body's energy system and to enhance other healing modalities. They are natural energy conductors, amplifiers and purifiers. The healing effects of crystals are powerful and yet utterly relaxing. Energy is amplified when passing through certain crystals, so healing energy has a greater impact. Other crystals focus energy like a laser, directing the healing rays where they are needed. Many crystals help to draw out negative energy while restoring a healthy energy flow in the process. This includes the drawing out of negative thought patterns. Each crystal and stone has its own healing properties but combined they provide healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Energy Healing

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

On the quantum level everything is energy, so repair of the energy body sends healing to the mental, emotional and physical levels. As a certified energy healer, Kim is able to address dis-ease on the energetic plane by focusing on aura and chakra clearing and repair; cords of fear removal, and prana tube repair and re-expansion. Regular energy healings can also help maintain wellness.

Gaian Healing

Mother Earth, along with her trees, waterfalls, mountains, meadows and lakes, all carry unique energy signatures that, when united with, help to restore your natural balance.

Heal with the various elements and dimensions of Mother Earth. Steve begins by connecting your energy to the heart of Mother Earth's and allowing your energies to merge. He will then connect you with the various tree family energies; waterways and land areas, and allow them to cleanse and restore your energy to its optimal level. 

Galactic Astrology

Discover your soul's origins and connections to the stars.

Galactic Astrology sheds light on your ancient soul history by illuminating your journey through the Milky Way Galaxy. These insights help to reawaken your Earthly consciousness so that you can expand your awareness into your higher self and tap into forgotten abilities and wisdom.

Home Healing - Space Clearing and Blessing

“Our surroundings shape our consciousness, it impacts how we think and feel.” - Annette Kurtz

Energetically remove unwanted, unhealthy and stagnant energy from your home. Clear emotional debris and mental discord left behind by past conflicts. Sweep your home of illness and depression. Safely return Earthbound spirits to their spiritual Home. Imbue your space with light and vitality. Restore your health, and that of your family, pets and plants. Space clearing removes stagnant, unhealthy, heavy energies, and infuses the environs with uplifting, divine energy.

Lucid Dream Healing

Lucid dream healing and intuiting are not new phenomena. The renowned Edgar Cayce was known as the Sleeping Prophet due to his ability to diagnosis medical conditions and provide past life accounts while in a sleep-like state. 

All healing and guidance sessions happen while Kim is in a lucid dream state. A lucid dream is a conscious dream. The dreamer realizes that she is having a dream, and then is able to take control of it and do anything she wishes (i.e. conduct a healing). Like Cayce, Kim's lucid dream ability came to her spontaneously. With the help of her angelic guides, Kim went on to develop techniques that help her access higher knowledge and facilitate powerful healing while dreaming. Kim expands her consciousness into higher dimensions where she heals with, and receives messages from, divine beings of Love and Light. Her awareness allows Kim to act as both a crystal-clear channel for healing, and as a witness to your healing. Following the dream healing, Kim is able to recall in great detail what transpired.

Past Life Healing

"We may not live in the past, but the past lives in us." - Samuel Pisar 

Past Life Healing helps release you from the pain and limitations of previous soul incarnations. Resolve mysterious phobias by clearing fears that stem from prior incarnations, including 'death', illness and trauma. Free yourself from outdated contracts, oaths, vows and allegiances to bygone partners, religious orders and organizations. Resolve karma by integrating lessons from the past. Reclaim past abilities and talents. Reawaken forgotten wisdom. Remember happy past experiences. Integrate soul aspects from past timelines.


Energy healing has been effectively employed for thousands of years to address the root of dis-ease.

Reiki is perhaps the most widely known, and frequently employed, form of energy healing. It originated in Japan in the mid-1800s, and involves a channeling or transference of life force energy through the healer's hands. Reiki is truly holistic in its healing properties, addressing mind, body and spirit issues. Steve can detect and alleviate the energetic disturbances that both contribute to, and result from, stress, illness, pain and various other health conditions.

Soul Healing

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind." - Caroline Myss 

You are an eternal, limitless spark of the Divine who exists in every dimension and parallel universes simultaneously. Your soul will reveal the parts of its infinite existence which are most relevant to you today. This information may include your soul age and your purpose, along with your galactic and your dimensional origins.

Sound Healing

"Just as certain selections of music will nourish the physical body and your emotional layer, so other musical works will bring greater health to your mind." - Hal A. Lingerman

Everything is made of vibrating energy, and each vibration has a specific frequency, so sound healing is the perfect modality to help restore us to our original blueprint of divine health. Sound healing works by restoring perfect pitch, or vibration, to areas of the mind, body and spirit energy fields that are 'out of tune', and can be used to address every type of ailment imaginable. Attune your auric field and chakras to the sacred frequencies of the universe. Augment your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Gently relax your body, and calm your mind and emotions. Release tension, stress, fear, pain and illness. Dissolve physical blockages and unhealthy emotional patterns.
Embrace peace and love. Awaken your higher consciousness and connect with Source/God.

Source Reunion

”Home is the definition of God.” - Emily Dickinson

Kim will journey with your soul to the highest level of consciousness, and the most expanded. During this process, you will merge into One with All That Is. Reconnecting with the divine helps heal core wounds by realigning you with your soul blueprint; by showing you the perfection of your soul, and by demonstrating that that this life is simply a dream your soul is having. Realizing that you are both the dream and the dreamer gives you the power to throw off the shackles that hold you down and rob you of happiness, health, success and love.

Star Light Infusions

“The more light you allow within you the brighter the world you live in will be.” - Shakti Gawain

In the ninth dimension, many souls are expressing themselves as stars. These glorious, fiery orbs of light are exquisite life-giving forces. Kim's 9D star soul will merge with your higher self, infusing your energy body with powerful light while simultaneously burning away that which no longer serves your highest good. You will be filled with the perfection of divine Source light, a powerful infusion of life force energy, and the glowing warmth of the Grand Central Sun.

Happy Clients

"Kim is a true Earth Angel. Steve is one also, and they make an awesome team. When they are in therapeutic mode....WOW!!"

S. Blanchard

"Steve is such a powerful and humble healer. The energy causing the migraines has been cleared so that I can function once again."

Jennifer Enman

"Kim is absolutely the most heart-based, gifted Light Worker I have ever encountered. Kim changed our lives forever, in the most beautiful ways."

Crystal Little