Multidimensional Guidance


These intuitive services have been integrated into Kim's Multidimensional Healing & Guidance sessions.

Spiritual wisdom

Illuminate Your Path

Realign with your divine origins, your soul's history and your spiritual loved ones.

Awaken with Love

Multidimensional Guidance unites your soul across dimensions, densities and timelines with loving spirit guides and angels to help you remember who you really are: a wise, limitless, eternal light Being of Light and Love.

Integrate the Light

Reawaken to the fact that you are both the dream and the dreamer. Reclaim the happiness that is your divine birthright. Reintegrate higher dimensional wisdom and gifts. Expand your consciousness. Accelerate your awakening and ascension.

A Holistic Blend of Modalities

Kim's healings organically blend the following techniques. You do not need to pick one, or be limited to only one.

Lucid Dreams

Soul Journeys; Visions

Akashic Wisdom

Soul Insights; Past Lives

Soul Origins

Galactic History; Starseed Support

Intuitive Readings

Angel Readings; Oracle Card Readings; Crystal Readings

Ascension Support

Awakening Assistance; Consciousness Expansion


Light Language; Channelled Spirit Messages


Kim will send you an email telling you what she needs in order to prepare. This will include your topic(s) of focus. She will then tell you what day to expect the guidance. The consultation process happens in the higher dimensions so there is no need to talk with Kim or even coordinate a time.

The Intuitive Process

Kim begins by calling in your spirit guides and multidimensional soul. Then, in a lucid dream state, she meets with your higher self. Your souls may journey to other worlds, dimensions and timelines to discover the wisdom and insights you seek.

The Guidance

You will receive a digital audio recording containing a description of the soul consultation along with the intuitive insights revealed. Kim will email this to you in the form a download link. You can preview part of it online as well as download it for safekeeping.

Happy Clients

Over the years, Kim has been blessed to receive so many positive comments, testimonials and feedback. Here are a few:

"Kim is amazing, she always gives great advice. I recommend her very highly!"

"Kim is a loving channel with amazing messages."

"I was received with so much kindness and understanding that it felt like I was speaking with an old friend."