Galactic Soul Reports

Extraterrestrial Lives and Starseed Origins

Trace your incarnational journey through the Milky Way Galaxy. Discover your galactic origins and age, along with your mission, gifts and wisdom.

Spiritual wisdom

Awaken Cosmic Consciousness

Discover your galactic soul origins as you journey through the many star systems of the Milky Way Galaxy

Remember Who You Really Are

You are an eternal flame, a divine spark of Source. Before you incarnated on Earth, you lived on other worlds, in other star systems. Those experiences helped to shape the being you are today. 

Benefit from Your Soul's Experiences

Your galactic lives taught you lessons, some of which you mastered, and others which are still challenging you today. Learn how to tap into your gifts, while resolving old karma.

Accelerate Your Ascension

Illuminating your journey through the Milky Way Galaxy will help to reawaken your Earthly consciousness so that you can expand your awareness into your higher self and tap into forgotten abilities and wisdom. 

A Holistic Fusion

Kim customizes each reading with a blend of following modalities:

Galactic Astrology

Lives on other worlds

Natal Astrology

Birth chart insights

Akashic Reading

Soul Records

Lucid Dreaming

Soul Journeys

After you purchase a Galactic Soul Report, Kim will send you an email telling you what she needs in order to prepare. This will include your birth information (date of birth; time of birth; and place of birth), and a recent photo.

Your birth information (date, time, and location) is used to determine your galactic alignments with fixed stars. This, in turns, provides insights into your soul’s history. Kim will also use intuition to identity the most significant aspects affecting your life today. Information revealed will include your soul's age; first and most recent incarnations; other significant extraterrestrial incarnations; soul guides; soul mission; past life karma, challenges, and gifts, and starseed traits. Most reports are around 70 pages in length.

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Temporarily Unavailable

Kim's is recuperating from knee surgery. When she is able, she will resume her services. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you are in need of healing or guidance in the interim, Steve would be happy to help.

Galactic Soul Report



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  • Report length: 60-75 pages (approx.)
    Soul's galactic journey
    Soul's age
    Significant incarnations
    Extraterrestrial beings
    Starseed traits
    Karma, lessons and challenges
    Soul purpose
    Gifts and abilities
    Helper guides and challengers
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Happy Clients

"This is wonderful. I am so happy to receive validation on many things. It’s like getting a road map for my personal evolution. I AM DELIGHTED!!"


"Shapley Attractor - To originate from there #mindblown! As I am typing this I feel I am in the centre of the supercluster and stars going past my vision, incredible!"


“A very big thank you for the soul origins reading. It was a little mind blowing but everything you said deeply resonated. I now have coherence and peace. You truly are a gift in this world.”

Katherine M.

"This has been a very moving experience. You are not the first person to let me know I haven't had many incarnations on earth. You are the only one to say why, and in such detail. All of it resonates deeply."