Healing Room

Inviting, Cozy and Comfortable

Our healing room is located in our home.

  • Healing Bed: The healing table has extra padding for your comfort. The linens are soft, and the blankets are plush and warm. There are two pillows, one for your head and one to place under your knees, if needed.
  • Ambiance: We recently redecorated the room with light paint, serene pictures and grounding, natural art. A salt lamp provides healing, along with gentle lighting, while deeply relaxing music is played softly in the background.
  • Air Quality: The floors are hardwood. In the entrance hall, we use a therapeutic essential oil diffuser to help keep the air clean. Our home is smoke-free, and we do not have any pets (sadly).
  • Facilities: The washroom is located across the hall from the healing room.