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Healing Room

Healing Haven

Our cozy healing room is located in our home. It is decorated with soft tones of Clayhut colours; original art and a high-vibrational OM tapestry. The floors are hardwood. On the table there is a salt lamp to provide healing, gentle atmospheric lighting. In the warmer months, a ceiling fan provides cooling air. The healing table has extra padding for your comfort. The linens are soft, and the blankets are plush and warm. You may lie on top of the linens or climb under the covers and be nice and cozy! There are two pillows, one for your head and one to place under your knees, if needed. Softly playing in the background is soothing music conducive to your healing.

Our healing facilities also include a washroom across the hall from the healing room.

You may park in the driveway (on the left side) or on the street.

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