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How to Heal Like a Child

Several years ago, I visited the home of a couple and their one-year-old daughter, to heal the family’s cat. What ensued was magical and memorable.

The five of us were in the living room. The cat was stretched out on the sofa with me, while the family watched the healing process. I began by clearing the cat’s paw chakras. This is a vital part of energy healing for all animals, but most especially indoor pets who have little contact with the outside world.

Most cats do not like having more than one paw held at a time, so I gently placed her paws on my leg. I then visualized a safe, soft spot of energy along my leg with healing energy flowing gently outwards from that spot. I directed the energy into each paw chakras; cleaning, clearing and recharging them. While this was taking place, I used my hands to channel energy into the cat’s energy field and chakra system, concentrating on areas that felt depleted or heavy.

Because healing happens at the quantum level, there is not much to see. Thus, soon after the healing began, the mother excused herself and left the room, followed soon after by the dad. As he was walking out, carrying his young daughter, he noticed that she remained transfixed on myself and the cat. He decided to put her on the floor with a couple toys, and quietly left the room.

The little girl, who was just learning to walk and talk, stood up and shakily walked over to the cat and me. I had my left hand on the cat’s side, above the sacral chakra. The little girl placed her right hand next to mine, and her left hand on my left knee. She then bowed her head. The moment she made the connection there was an incredible jolt of energy. Every hair on my left arm stood straight up! The cat’s head jerked upwards, her eyes as big as her milk saucer, which lay in the corner of the room. I locked eyes with the cat and set my intention to modulate the energy flowing into her from the little girl, while simultaneously grounding the energy coming into me into Mother Earth.

Moments later, the dad reappeared, holding a coffee. He paused, taking in the scene, and said, “Helping to heal…?” His daughter’s head arose. She looked surprised and backed away from the cat and me. The dad apologized for interrupting. I reassured him that it was okay and told him about his daughter’s amazing power. The little one returned to her pile of toys on the floor, but she kept an eye on the cat. I was able to calm the energy so that the cat was fully relaxed and open to the healing. This gave me time to process what had just happened.

Through to my energy work with animals and people, I know that we are all from the same Source and are made of the same energy. This young girl, still so near to the energy in spirit, not yet distracted by daily earthly life, instinctively knew how to help. She had no doubt or fear to interfere with the process. She knew how the energy flowed and how it worked, and she simply allowed herself to become a channel for the energy.

To be a powerful healer like this child, you need only be heart-centred and pure of intention. Surrender all ownership of the healing, and simply be a pure channel for the sentient, intelligent, loving energy of creation.


  • Steve Clayton

    Steve is a compassionate, wise energy healer who helps people and animals regain their inner balance. For years, he supported the local holistic community as the founder and organizer of the Riverview Holistic Fairs, and as a member of the Riverview Health and Wellness Committee.

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4 thoughts on “How to Heal Like a Child”

  1. I love this, Steve! It reminds me of when our two-year-old granddaughter spontaneously started sending energy to her dad (our son) while I was working on him. She used movements that she either intuited from somewhere or simply and mysteriously knew. Yes, children are certainly heart-centered and pure!

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