Timeline Jumping: Part II

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By Kim Hutchinson How would you like to be a Time Lord? Imagine travelling across parallel realities and experiencing variations in past, present and future realities. All you need is a basic understand of the nature of time, and a willingness to think outside the (police phone) box. (That’s a Dr. Who reference, in case […]

Believe Yourself Well

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By Kim Hutchinson As much as a person may desire health, there are often deep-seated fears and beliefs which must first be addressed before physical healing can occur. These fears and beliefs are the reason for the illness, and unless they are healed, the illness will most likely reoccur. Many of us have belief systems […]

Multidimensional Consciousness

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By Kim Hutchinson This is truly a wondrous time to be on Planet Earth. Ascension is in high gear, and positive changes abound. As the energy continues to rise, so too does our collective consciousness. We are becoming more aware of life outside our planet and solar system. We are reaching out into the vast […]

I Think Therefore I Am

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By Steve Clayton We have all encountered Descartes famous line at some time or another and most of us accept it at face value. Our thoughts are proof of our existence. If we truly want to understand the implications of these words we have to expand our awareness of what this implies. Our thoughts do […]

Prosperity Consciousness: Manifest like a Child

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By Kim Hutchinson Like many of you, I used to be a powerful manifestor as a child. For me, magic was real. I believed I could fly. I wanted to grow up to be a mermaid. I had no limits. Those came later in life, and were imposed upon me by well-intentioned adults who wanted […]

The Magic of Manifestation

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By Kim Hutchinson Manifestation is the magic that results from focused intention. This energy that you are tapping into when you are manifesting is the energy within you. This means picking things that are completely within in your scope of plausibility. Do not try to manifest something in which you yourself have a hard time […]

Unblocking Your Manifestation Power

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By Kim Hutchinson For those of you who have been faithfully following this column (bless you!), perhaps you remember me sharing our manifestation techniques last December. At that time, Steve and I were enthusiastically adhering to the tenants of manifestation as we understood them. Initially we enjoyed a degree of success. Some small monetary gains […]

The Power to Manifest Your Dreams

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By Kim Hutchinson The angels want you to know that you are a very powerful being. Do not be afraid of your power! God has given you the amazing ability to manifest your desires. In order to turn your dreams into reality you just need to ask the angels for assistance and then listen to […]