Timeline Jumping: Part II

By Kim Hutchinson

How would you like to be a Time Lord? Imagine travelling across parallel realities and experiencing variations in past, present and future realities. All you need is a basic understand of the nature of time, and a willingness to think outside the (police phone) box. (That’s a Dr. Who reference, in case you’re wondering.)

The Nature of Time

On the soul plane, we know there’s no such thing as time. All possibilities exist simultaneously. However, on the human plane, we have chosen to experience reality in a linear fashion, which gives us the experience of the phenomena we call time. Our reality contains all possibilities. Each exists separately, in its own timeline. There are an almost infinite number of timelines, representing versions of reality, and they are all playing out simultaneously. Without being consciously aware, we choose from these endless possibilities, every moment of every day. Most days, we seamlessly glide from timeline to timeline, making minor changes as we go. Occasionally though, we take a leap of faith, and that propels us across multiple timelines at once. This changes not only our present and future, but our past too. That is because every timeline has its own unique version of the past, present and future. We have the power to change our past and choose our future, and in doing so we change our present life.

How to Jump Timelines

Since my first article in 2013, I have received many inquiries from individuals who are interested in learning how to jump timelines. Recently, I downloaded detailed instructions, which I’m happy to share with you. Mastering the art of jumping timelines is not just a metaphysical exercise or esoteric pastime. It has real world applications and benefits. Some of these including fixing problems, healing ailments and manifesting desires. The following technique may help you to achieve the desired changes in your life:
  • Identify Your Catalyst: A catalyst is an agent of change. Simply put, you need a reason to jump timelines. Normally, this is due to a problem or challenge. Ask,“What area of my life requires a positive change?”
  • Identify Your Goal: Now that you know what the problem or challenge is, the next step is to figure out what you want instead. Thinking of your catalyst, ask yourself, “If anything was possible, what would my ideal solution be?”
  • Be Heart-Centred: The success of a directed timeline jump depends on you being heart-centred. That’s because your heart is the seat of your soul, and it creates a unified field of potential. Unplug from technology and take a moment to centre yourself. Put your hand over your heart, close your eyes, and think of someone you love. Feel your heart energy warming the palm of your hand. You might also feel a vibration in your chest or hear music coming from your heart.
  • Focus: All possibilities exist, so that means there is a minimum of one timeline for anything you could imagine. That means you do NOT have to create your desired outcome; it already exists! You are simply moving across timelines of possibilities until you reach the one you desire. While remaining heart-centred, focus on your ideal goal. This goal is now your timeline jump destination. The more real your desired outcome seems to you, the easier it will be to reach. So, be sure to use all your senses when imagining it. Keep focusing internally on your desired outcome.
  • Have Faith: Once you have focused on the timeline jump, you must believe in the outcome. To maintain that belief, you may wish to use visualization (i.e. create a vision board) and affirmations (i.e. “I am living my dream life!”).  It is helpful, too, to feel the emotions connected to your desired timeline. You will see it when you believe it.
The more you practice, the easier it will become. Soon you will be jumping like a Time Lord! Just don’t forget your sonic screwdriver. (Yes, that’s another nod to Dr. Who.)

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