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Focused Intention

Everything in this world began as a thought. Our thoughts literally create our reality. The realm of ideas is on a different and higher plane that the world in which we live. The energy of thought permeates the world of form and takes physical shape. What we think, we experience and/or we become. Our thoughts are the ‘Coming Attractions’ for our future. That is why intention is so important.

Focused intention counts for the majority of your success. The remainder is attributed to the work it takes to bring your intended result into the world of form. It is vital that we think positively, lest we manifest negativity. Dwelling on what if’s, for example, is a surefire way to bring those worst case scenarios into being. If you worry, you create reasons to be worried. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

People who say they have reason to be worried are speaking the truth; ironically, they don’t realize that they make it so. Conversely, someone who is optimistic sees rewarding, encouraging and happy signs in almost every scenario. To the pessimist, this person appears to be a Pollyanna, a naive person with her head stuck in the sand, someone who is resolutely ignorant of the plight of others. But is the optimist really so blind, or is it that she has a better outlook?

An optimist chooses to see with spiritual eyes whereas the pessimist and the realist focus on the material world. They seldom choose to look up for inspiration or guidance. The optimist sees things from a higher perspective. Optimists seek higher wisdom. They know intuitively that there is a better way to live than to accept, or even challenge, the negativity of this life. Optimists know on an intuitive level that we are meant to be happy, and they live life accordingly.

This is how focused intention moulds and shapes your every experience in life. Whatever you intend life to be, it will be.

In order to understand your perspective, ask yourself these questions:

1) Monitor your thought processes. Every time you listen to someone talk, or you think of a person or a scenario, what thoughts go through your mind? Are they critical or kind?

2) Gauge your reaction to minor stresses in your life. Are you quick to anger, or are you patient and forgiving?

3) Heed your body’s reaction to your environs. Do you tense up when you enter a room full of people? Do feel stress when you think of work, family, and responsibilities?

4) Look at the people with whom you spend the majority of your time. Are they upbeat or cynical?

5) Ask yourself, “Am I happy?”


If you find the majority of your answers are uplifting, congratulations! You are tapping into the higher realms of possibility. You are going above the problems of life on Earth and are channelling positive energy into this realm.

If your answers were primarily negative, then you are someone who inadvertently contributes to the very problems that haunt you. You may feel trapped or helpless to fix these problems, or perhaps you feel it is up to you to solve these problems and so you are unwilling to give up the fight lest the negativity wins. Whatever the case, remember this: that which you resist, persists. You cannot fight against negativity and win; you will only create more negativity in the world.

The only way to overcome problems is to accept that only love is real. Everything else is but an illusion, and fear is the biggest illusion of all. Everything in this life boils down to just two emotions: love and fear. Love is real; fear is the perceived absence of love. If then only love is real, then it can never be absent. That is merely a perception created by ego. The ego knows only that which exists in the current world of form. It is not privy to our soul’s eternal knowledge. It is therefore not inclined to believe in a higher truth or a higher power. If you listen to your ego, you will always perceive life through a filter of fear.

Applying Focus to Intention

Now that you are aware of the influences that shape your thoughts, you are ready to embrace the power of those thoughts. If you do not intend to be unhappy, then you need to change the way you think. A pessimist may argue that this is seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses and in way, this person would be right. Rose is the colour of love.

How then does one go about adding positivity or love to everyday thoughts? It starts with focus. You need something concrete on which to focus your thoughts in order to re-educate your cognitive processes. This is where positive affirmations come in. An affirmation is a statement asserting that which you desire has already come true.

So, for example, if your intention is to be happy, you could say something like this:

“My life is happy and fulfilling, and I find reason to be joyful in everything I experience.”

Whatever you choose to affirm, write it on a piece of paper and affix it to a mirror. Then, every day for a month, look into the mirror and read this affirmation aloud. It is beneficial to read it 10 times in a row. If you can memorize it, all the better. That would allow you to look at yourself in the mirror as you are reciting it. Focus on your left eye as you speak. The left eye is connected to your right brain, the intuitive hemisphere, and so the message will be taken in without question and the results will be forthcoming. That is because you are speaking to your spiritual self.

After one month, retake the above test to see how you rate on the optimist/ pessimist scale. Has your happiness quotient increased? Chances are very good that it will have improved. That is because you have applied focus to your intention.

Try this exercise with more tangible affirmations, such as finding a rewarding career or meeting the love of your life. If, after a month, you don’t see the results you desire, don’t give up. Affirmations involving other people, or outside elements, take longer to manifest than affirmations that are focused solely on your development.

If you try the affirmation to increase your happiness and it does not work, ask yourself if you truly wanted it to succeed. Affirmations that are pure in intent always succeed.


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