Ascended Earth Dream

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By Kim Hutchinson A few nights ago, I had a fascinating three-part ascension dream, rich in symbolism. It illustrated how Gaia has prepared for her ascent into the fifth dimension. Part of this involves passing the torch to her replacement, the soul of the new Earth-like planet. It also showed how the Earth has trifurcated, […]

Ascension Dreams

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By Kim Hutchinson As collective consciousness continues to rise on this planet, so too do the number of precognitive dreams we have. Recently, I’ve had a spate of lucid dreams containing vivid ascension visions. The messages conveyed in these dreams speak of all aspects of our ascension process, from the preparation, to the event, to our life […]

Life in the 5th Dimension

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By Kim Hutchinson Life in the fifth dimension is dramatically different from 3-D Earth. Gone is the polarity experiment with all its collateral damage. In its place, we have a pristine new Earth whose inhabitants enjoy Unity Consciousness. The theme of 5-D Earth is Mastering the Art of Manifestation. That means we create from an […]

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Prepping for Graduation to 5D

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By Kim Hutchinson Earth is a classroom for the soul. For most of us, this is our last 3-D incarnation. We are getting ready to graduate (shift / ascend) to the next dimension. In preparation, we are busy cleaning up loose ends from this lifetime and from prior incarnations. Pre-Grad Stress Preparing for spiritual graduation is […]