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Ascension Dreams

By Kim Hutchinson

As collective consciousness continues to rise on this planet, so too do the number of precognitive dreams we have. Recently, I’ve had a spate of lucid dreams containing vivid ascension visions. The messages conveyed in these dreams speak of all aspects of our ascension process, from the preparation, to the event, to our life in 5D. Based on these visions, it appears that the much anticipated shift in consciousness draws near.  For all of you who are looking forward to this monumental mass ascension with Mother Earth, immense joy awaits you.

Ascension Preparation

Mother Earth’s Love

Vision: I dreamt of a dear friend who has a powerful connection with Mother Earth. Like Gaia, my friend is also a mother and a healer. In the dream, she was preoccupied with giving and receiving healing. Her family was with her, gathered around, and I could see/sense a strong heart connection with her children. Her need for healing and a strong heart connection with her children was eclipsing all other activities.

Meaning: This was a message from Gaia. Mother Earth is steadfastly committed to self-healing and to healing us, her children, so that we may ascend together. All Gaia’s children are naturally connected to her heart with the exception of some humans. She is wants to be sure we are connected to her heart center so that she can heal us and raise our vibration to match her ascending frequencies. This is her top priority right now.

Father Sun’s Light

Vision: In the dream, Steve and I are spending the night at my parents’ house. At 5:00 a.m. we are abruptly awakened by my father blasting CBC radio (Canada’s national public radio station). We sleepily wander upstairs and are further surprised to see that it’s light outside; in fact, the sun is shining as brightly as though it were noontime. Suddenly, we’re all very much awake.

Meaning: Just as the Earth embodies divine feminine love, our Sun embodies the divine masculine light. Together, the Earth and Sun are our cosmic parents. Throughout the ascension process, Father Sun has been ‘broadcasting’ upgraded light codes to all life in the solar system. In the dream, my father awakens us with the radio (information) causing us to ascend (go upstairs) where we see the light. The time shown in the dream indicates big, positive changes.

The Event

Timeline Convergence

Vision: While performing a multidimensional timeline healing in a lucid dream state, I was attempting to focus upon the client’s potential future paths. Instead of seeing countless parallel lines, I was shown a single point where all timelines converged. Even though no dates were provided, the convergence appeared to be in the near future.  Beyond the singularity there was only light…bright, intense beautiful light.

Meaning: A convergence of timelines is called a nexus point. The fixed nature of this upcoming event means that it will affect us all, and it cannot be changed or avoided. The fact that it terminated in pure light means the result will be divinely miraculous. We will move into the light, leaving behind the polarity and darkness of 3D life. Also, the end of all timelines signifies the ‘end of time’ (a.k.a. no time). This clearly points to our collective shift into 5D consciousness.

5D Celebration

Vision: During another multidimensional healing, I journeyed with a client’s soul to the fifth dimension. To my great surprize, we were greeted by a throng of party-goers. Behind them, I could see and hear a huge party in full swing. The people at the party explained to me that they were celebrating the success of the ascension.

Meaning: For years, my angelic friends have been telling me that when we shift into 5D, there will be an epic party to celebrate our arrival. This vision is, therefore, a foretelling of our imminent shift into fifth dimensional consciousness and the festivities that await us.

Life in 5D

Communal Housing

Vision: I dreamt of a builder who was busily constructing communal housing. The model he used had room for six families to cohabitate. The exterior resembled a log cabin. Inside, there was but one great room. Within that room were six stone fireplaces, three on each side. The two center hearths were larger that the fireplaces that flanked them, and so they helped to demarcate the space. Gathered around the fireplaces were the six families, all happily chatting and enjoying each other’s’ company.

Meaning: This dream house represents the new living model in 5D. There were no bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms because in 5D we have no physical needs. In fact, we don’t even require shelter, although most souls simply enjoy having a structure to call home. The communal living aspect is definitely a 5D model. The higher we go the less separation between souls. In the fifth, most of us will choose to live in small soul family groupings.


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