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Ascension Messages

By Kim Hutchinson

DNA from the Sun

Vision: During healing meditations, I frequently connect with Father Sun. It’s common for me to see huge DNA-like strands of light flowing out of the Sun in every direction. On occasion, I’ve also heard the term ‘light codes’ as I looked at the strands. When I look around me using my third eye, the air is thick with glowing spirals. Everyone, and everything, is absorbing these luminous helixes.

Meaning: Encoded in the Sun’s light are DNA upgrades. These originated from the Central Sun, and are responsible for upgrading life throughout the universe. The Sun is seeding new life through divine light.

Guidance: Stay connected to Father Sun through your heart. You might also want to ensure you’re getting adequate sunlight. I like to sit outside for 20 minutes of direct sunlight (no sunscreen) daily. Use your judgement about what is right for you.

Hogwart’s Express and 4D 

Vision: Harry Potter has been popping into my consciousness. While I read the series years ago, lately I started hearing about Harry Potter again, and specifically, I keep seeing the Hogwart’s Express 9 ¾ platform sign.

Meaning: Consciousness on our planet currently spans from 3D to 5D. The bulk of the time these days, we are interacting from a 4D level. As opposed to the 50-50 polarity of 3D, the fourth dimension is 75% negative. That percentage is the same as the 3/4 figure on the sign. Additionally, the dark, service-to-self beings in the 4th are hidden from our awareness, just like Harry Potter’s magical world is hidden from the non-magical ‘Muggles’.

Guidance: Things may appear to be gloomier than usual, but this is only an illusion. Once we finish purging our darkness, we will move into unity consciousness of the 5th dimension. To boost your vibration, ground yourself to fifth dimensional Earth, and then see your roots going down through the 4th and into the 3D.

Escape Rooms and 3D Traps

Message: Escape rooms keep coming into my consciousness. These are physical adventure games in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues to eventually ‘escape’ the room in which they are (voluntarily) enclosed. The concept sounds both fun and a tad menacing.

Meaning: A group of people have to work cooperatively to get out, just like we need to cooperate to ‘escape’ this dimension. Our higher selves agreed to allow Team Dark’s creation and interference in this multiverse to see what would happen. We now are trying to ascend while being thwarted by Team Dark. This is a new twist in an age-old game.

Guidance: Find your soul tribe and work cooperatively to aid each others’ ascension.

Politics of Distraction

Message: Since the fall, I’ve heard the term ‘politics of distraction’ in my mind many times. Between fake news and so on, it can be hard to hold a space of peace.

Meaning: We came here to be the change we want to see in the world. That’s challenging to do while you are focusing on the unfolding 3D drama. While my guides are not advocating that we turn a blind eye to the political arena, they are cautioning us not to lose sight of what is most important. This is particularly true for healers and other lightworkers.

Guidance: Unless you are called to help heal the political landscape, focus on a world that needs no government, one that is unified in peace and love.

Russian Nesting Doll and the Multiverse

Vision: Frequently during my multidimensional healings, I am shown the image of a Russian nesting doll. These wonderful folk art dolls contain multiple dolls of decreasing size, all neatly stacked within.

Meaning: The doll is a metaphor for the multiverse. The largest doll is like the most expanded level of the multiverse, which is just one step down from pure Source. You can twist apart the largest doll to reveal a second, slightly smaller doll inside. This is akin to the next dimension down from Source. As consciousness descends the dimensions contract.  At the core is the third dimension. This is akin to the tiniest doll. She, unlike the others, is solid. Here, density is the greatest, and so energy appears to take solid form.

Given that all the dimensions are around each other, when we ascend, we don’t leave one dimension for another. Instead, we re-expand our consciousness to envelop each dimension.

Guidance: Lovingly embrace and integrate all parts of your third dimensional consciousness, both light and dark.

Repeating Numbers and Ascension Codes

Vision: Nearly every time I look at a clock, I am seeing many repeating number sequences. The sequences I see most often are 1:11, 3:33 and 5:55.

Meaning: As with dream interpretation, it’s important to honour your personal relationship with the numbers. Fives indicate big, positive changes; threes connect with the ascended masters, and ones talk of a new cycle. For me, 3 and 5 also connects with the third and fifth dimensions. I interpret the 111, 333, and 555, therefore, to be a very clear ascension message. The ascension is happening! Big changes are coming and then we’ll start a new, golden age.

Guidance: Stay heart-centered and connected with Gaia as we prepare for the upcoming changes that will help us transition our awareness to the new 5D Earth.


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