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Ascended Earth Dreams

By Kim Hutchinson

A few nights ago, I had a fascinating three-part ascension dream, rich in symbolism. It illustrated how Gaia has prepared for her ascent into the fifth dimension. Part of this involves passing the torch to her replacement, the soul of the new Earth-like planet. It also showed how the Earth has trifurcated, thus allowing us to float between three dimensions as we work through our ascension process. I was even given a preview of what awaits us in 5D.

Part 1: Mother Earth Passes the Torch

I dreamt that a good friend of mine, who is a wonderful mother and whose soul is powerfully connected to Gaia’s, was several months pregnant. She explained that she wanted others to know the joys of motherhood, and so she volunteered to be a surrogate mother in order to help her cousin who could not conceive. The cousin was preparing to receive the fetus, which she would then continue to carry until it was ready to be born. Surprisingly, the fetus was transferred through a drop of blood.


  • Friend: Mother Earth
  • Cousin: Incoming 3D Earth-like planet
  • Fetus: New souls; young souls; new life
  • Pregnancy: Fecundity
  • Blood: Life force energy and fertility


Mother Earth has fulfilled her role as a 3D mothering planet and is now ready to ascend. A new Earth-like planet will take her place. The incoming planetary soul is part of Gaia’s soul family. She is learning from Gaia how to be an Earth Mother, and this is transforming her body into a fertile, life-supporting environment. New souls, along with young souls who need more 3D experience, will be redirected to this new planet after Gaia ascends.

Part 2: A Trio of Earths

In the second part of the dream, I was standing in the small foyer of  a multi-level house. With me, were identical female triplets in their 20s.

Two of the three sisters sat down at a table set for six. Three men then joined them, one of whom was friend of mine. He, too, has a powerful connection with Gaia. The other two men resembled him in both appearance and overall energy.

The group began pairing off into couples. That left one vacant chair. I was offered the seat but declined, knowing that I belonged upstairs. As I walked away, the dinner party was in full swing. The couples were deciding who would get custody of twin girls who had just arrived.

The third triplet went upstairs, so I followed. She sat down next on the hearth, next to a kindly woman. The two began reading pages torn from a drama anthology book. I looked around the sparsely populated room, admiring the big picture window that bathed the living room in light.


  • Multi-Level House: Multiverse
  • Upstairs: 5D
  • Downstairs / Foyer: 3D/ 4D
  • 3: 3D
  • 6: Earthly Matters
  • Triplets: 3 Earths
  • The Men: Earth Caretakers / Protectors
  • Upstairs Woman: Guide
  • Twins: Young Souls
  • Table: Decision-Making
  • Dinner Party: Soul Group
  • Hearth: Heart / Love
  • Drama Anthology: Akashic Records
  • Ripped Pages: Detachment


Currently, in our multiverse, there are three identical Earths, each existing in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.  This is enabling souls to move through the ascension process.

The third and fourth dimensions have basically merged. The majority of people exist at this combined level of consciousness. Here, people are working together on Earthly pursuits, and still enjoying the pleasures of food, entertaining, coupling, parenting, and so forth. Meanwhile, their souls are deciding whether they are ready to ascend.

Souls who wish to ascend with Gaia are floating between dimensions, moving up and down depending on their vibration. They are climbing the steps to the fifth, hoping to be able to stay there. Many have curtailed some of their 3D/4D activities in order to focus upon living in 5D.

At this moment, there are fewer souls in the fifth. Gaia is preparing a fifth dimensional place for those of us who wish to join her. At this level, it is lighter, more loving, and free of the 3D / 4D drama. When our souls do ascend, loving guides will be there to help us to adapt to 5D life. Part of this may include a life review, or an examination of one’s Akashic Records, in order remove ill effects of any 3D / 4D dramas.

On a side note, I believe the greater number of women to men signifies the dawn of the Divine Feminine. During this cycle, women are more empowered, and their role is revered. Men, too, are rising in consciousness, and thus are beginning to embody the energy of the Divine Masculine.

Part 3: Fifth Dimensional Focus

The third, and last, part of my dream was brief. I was walking up a city street, looking for the perfect gathering spot for a spiritual gathering. I was focused on the rooms above the shops, and was reading the signs intently, looking for a clue.


  • City & Shops: 3D / 4D
  • Rooms Above: 5D
  • Spiritual Gathering: Soul Group / Ascension
  • Signs: Ascension Signs


We who are going through the ascension process are still living a 3D / 4D life but are focused on the fifth dimension.  We are looking for signs of the ascension and are preparing to come together with our respective soul groups.



  • Kim Hutchinson

    Kim is a highly empathic spiritual healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Her writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

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2 thoughts on “Ascended Earth Dreams”

  1. Oh, Kimmy, thank you!!! That was a delicious dream trip that we can all relate to. There is no question I feel like I’m in between dimensions! Thank you again for your clarity and love!! XO

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