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Recent Ascension Signs

Recognizing spiritual ascension can manifest in various ways, such as feeling a deep sense of inner peace and connection to something greater than oneself. It may also involve experiencing synchronicities, heightened intuition, and a greater sense of empathy towards others. Additional signs of spiritual ascension can include a desire for personal growth, a shift in priorities towards more meaningful pursuits, and a sense of detachment from material possessions. Overall, spiritual ascension is a deeply personal journey that can bring about profound changes in one’s life and perspective.

Recently, I have experienced the following five powerful signs that our ascension journey has recently accelerated.

Sign #1: Instant Manifestation

Last night I had a vivid dream in which I was manifesting instantaneously. It started with putting up a Christmas tree. I left the room for a moment, and when I returned the tree was gone! I was stunned. As I stood there trying to process what had happened, the tree suddenly reappeared. Then another tree appeared, and another. The more I thought about it, the more trees appeared. Soon, the room was filled with Christmas trees.

Significance: I woke up feeling excited. What I had experienced during this semi-lucid dream was a soul memory. I remembered how it felt to manifest things instantaneously and effortlessly. The feeling was so real. I knew it was a sign of things to come.

Waves of Joy

These past few weeks I have experienced unbidden moments of exquisite happiness. These unexpected waves of joy have occurred during quiet times when I was alone.

Significance: Feeling happy for no reason is a sign of higher dimensional energy. Life in the higher realms can feel positively heavenly.

Timeline Jumping

In the past week, I have had flashbacks to prior moments in my life. As opposed to these flashbacks being mere memories, I experienced them as though they were happening to me right now. I felt like I jumped back in time and was living my life as I did 30 or 40 years ago. I was younger, healthier, happier, and more alive. Everything looked, sounded, and felt vivid and very real.

Significance: These flashbacks clearly show that time is an illusion, and that everything is happening in the eternal now. As we ascend, we leave behind the 3D concept of linear time, and we can process past, present, and future experiences as concurrent events.

Thinning of the Veil

Yesterday, Steve ran into a friend of ours who has an incredibly powerful connection with Mother Earth. The friend shared the following amazing story. He was foretold that he would meet a gnome who was missing a left ear. Sure enough, the mystical, one-eared elemental appeared to him in physical form. Our friend’s brother also saw the gnome, as did a friend of his, and the man’s son.

Significance: Seeing so-called mythological beings is a clear sign of a thinning of the veil between dimensions. As our vibration shifts to a higher frequency, we can perceive beings who inhabit the upper planes of existence, such as gnomes and other higher dimensional beings.

Rapid Healing

While I have had incredibly powerful and positive experiences this month, I have also had two major physical trials. One involved my lower back going into spasms and locking up. I was in so much pain that I could not move. This is something that has happened to me in the past and each time I was laid up for weeks. This time however I made an incredibly speedy recovery. I was completely mobile and pain-free in less than 24 hours, to my husband’s amazement.

The second episode involved a night in the hospital due to acute pain in my arm. The ER doctor referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon as he had concerns based on my X-rays. I decided that I did not wish to experience anything serious, and sure enough the cause of pain turned out to be something that I could heal with the help of a physiotherapist. I am already pain free.

Significance: As we move into the higher realms, self healing becomes natural and effortless. We don’t have to live with pain or any kind of limitations. We are able to enjoy sustained optimal health.


  • Kim Hutchinson

    Kim is a highly empathic spiritual healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Her writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

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4 thoughts on “Recent Ascension Signs”

  1. Excellent, Kimmy my Sister!! It makes my heart happy knowing that all these messages are becoming more and more frequent, confirming what we’ve been moving toward for so long. Thank you for the encouragement! Big hugs!

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