Rainbow Body Meditation

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By Kim Hutchinson I recently had an amazing ascension experience while meditating with the Earth and the Sun. I was following the Heaven and Earth Unity Breath Meditation, an ancient spiritual practice used by cultures around the world, including the Maori, Zulu and Mayans, to name a few. The Meditation I began by envisioning my […]

Elemental Healing Workshop

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Inviting all Elementals (fairies, gnomes, mermaids, etc.) and HU-mans… Let’s reconnect with the magical, nurturing energy of Mother Earth! Through three self-healing meditations we’ll ground to the heart of Gaia, and to our natural roots, while releasing the stress of modern life. Come enjoy an evening of relaxation and joy! Date: Thursday July 5, 2018 Time: 7:00 […]

June 2018 Workshops and Events

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[Updated June 4th] Workshops June 16 – Pet Healing Workshop Learn how to heal your animal companions the natural way. The workshop begins with a healing attunement. Then, Steve will guide you through the process of sensing, channelling, directing energy, and how that pertains to your pet’s aura field. You will also learn about animal […]

Light Body Healing Meditation: April 12, 2018

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Learn to Self-Heal This meditation will teach you how to align and heal with your Light Body on the quantum level, employing your prana tube and merkaba to re-energize and balance your light within. Play a pro-active role in your health. Discover and clear blockages. Recharge your body’s natural healing abilities. Reconnect with inner peace. Workshop […]

Hope Is In the Air

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By Steve Clayton Wrapped in Peace I was motivated to do a short meditation in the freshly fallen snow. As I made myself comfortable against the ash tree in our backyard, I was immediately ensconced in feelings of great peace. I knew I was no longer in our suburban reality, but dared not open my […]

Mother Earth and the Stairway to Heaven

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By Steve Clayton Unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies have help to boost the mood here. But there’s something else at play, and is Mother Earth herself. She is in a ‘heavenly’ mood and her energy is feeling very fifth dimensional. Heavenly Days I started my day by hanging clothes outside to dry in the […]

Upcoming Solar Eclipse Meditations From Various People And Websites

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Note by Kim: I was doing research for a blog about the importance of tomorrow’s solar eclipse meditations when I discovered Michelle Walling’s excellent article on the same topic. So, rather than reinventing the wheel, I am sharing her article instead. I just want to add that my guides have also emphasized the significance of […]

Healing Haikus

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Wake within the dream Discover hidden knowledge That will change your life The freedom to be Is a most wonderful gift To give to yourself Set your paradigm Inwardly and outwardly To be filled with Love Sit still in nature Release all pent up tensions Let inner peace bloom Focus on yourself Be more loving, […]

Healing Haikus

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The true love you are Unconditionally waits For you to notice People do their best (The best they can) – forgive them When they make mistakes Life waits for no one It is here, it is now. Jump In with open heart Live your potential For it’s in your potential That you find yourself Dreams […]

Healing Haikus

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By Steve Clayton Love’s eternal home All golden light, white sparkles There is no tunnel Worrying lessens The beauty of now through fear Of what may not be When you love someone Give them the freedom to be Who first caught your eye The time is at hand Take responsibility For your body’s health Your […]

Serenity Meditations

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Birch Tree Meditation By Steve Clayton If winter, or life in general, has taken its toll on you, meditation with the Birch Tree can make all the difference. In Celtic lore the Birch is a tree of many healing properties, including the ability to calm the mind and nervous system. To meditate with the Birch, […]

Communing with Nature

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By Steve Clayton This morning Mother Nature was testing my resolve to be one with everything. As is my regular practice, I sat under a tree in our backyard and closed my eyes. I then began to meditate with the tree. I felt an ant crawl up my neck and into my beard, something landed […]