Rainbow Body Meditation

By Kim Hutchinson I recently had an amazing ascension experience while meditating […]

Elemental Healing Workshop

Inviting all Elementals (fairies, gnomes, mermaids, etc.) and HU-mans… Let’s reconnect with […]

June 2018 Workshops and Events

[Updated June 4th] Workshops June 16 – Pet Healing Workshop Learn how […]

Light Body Healing Meditation: April 12, 2018

Learn to Self-Heal This meditation will teach you how to align and […]

Hope Is In the Air

By Steve Clayton Wrapped in Peace I was motivated to do a […]

Mother Earth and the Stairway to Heaven

By Steve Clayton Unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies have help to […]

Upcoming Solar Eclipse Meditations From Various People And Websites

Note by Kim: I was doing research for a blog about the […]

Healing Haikus

Wake within the dream Discover hidden knowledge That will change your life […]

Healing Haikus

The true love you are Unconditionally waits For you to notice People […]

Healing Haikus

By Steve Clayton Love’s eternal home All golden light, white sparkles There […]

Serenity Meditations

Birch Tree Meditation By Steve Clayton If winter, or life in general, […]

Communing with Nature

By Steve Clayton This morning Mother Nature was testing my resolve to […]