Mother Earth Healing for People & Pets

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Free Talk This is a guided meditation and talk: Learn how you and your pets can stay grounded, balanced and healthy with the help of Gaia. Nurture your inner child through a heart-to-heart connection with Mother Earth. Discover why grounding to a higher density of Gaia can help you transcend stress and anxiety. Details Presented […]

What Exactly IS Healing?

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By Kim Hutchinson Recently, I received an email from a woman asking me to explain the healing process specifically, what to expect post-healing. She wondered if healing could cure her husband of Diabetes. I started to write an email in reply, but it grew into the following article. I’m sharing this in hopes that it helps […]

Light Body Healing Meditation: April 12, 2018

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Learn to Self-Heal This meditation will teach you how to align and heal with your Light Body on the quantum level, employing your prana tube and merkaba to re-energize and balance your light within. Play a pro-active role in your health. Discover and clear blockages. Recharge your body’s natural healing abilities. Reconnect with inner peace. Workshop […]

Self-Healing / Self-Expansion

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By Steve Clayton The most important element in being able to heal yourself (or others) is your connection with the Energy from which everything composed. For me that Energy is Love, Love that is conscious and manifesting the world around us through vibrations of Light and Sound; how you view the Energy is up to […]

Self-Healing Exercise: Colours of the Rainbow

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By Steve Clayton A good addition to many self-healing exercises is the inclusion of colour. Our seven major Chakras and the seven corresponding layers of our aura field each share a principal colour. It should be no surprise that these seven colours are the seven colours found in a rainbow. Everything is much more intimately […]

Self-Healing Manifesto

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By Steve Clayton On/Off My Path ‘Why am I posting these self-healing exercises?’ I am asked. To explain I must go back in time. When I began to teach Chios and give healing workshops I was told I was creating competition for myself; that I had no foresight. When I replied I was not in […]

Self Healing Exercise: Connecting to the Christ Consciousness Grid

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By Steve Clayton In a nut shell, there is a ‘nut-shell’ around Mother Earth; a grid surrounding Her. You and I can connect with this Grid anytime we so choose. This grid is known as the Christ Consciousness Grid and when we make this connection to the Christ Consciousness Grid we are tapping into the […]

Self Healing Exercise: Be the Tree

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By Steve Clayton The sun affects us in a number of positive ways not the least of which is as a source of vitamin D so why not, on a beautiful sunny day such as today, maximize those positive benefits. Through the process of photosynthesis tress are the ultimate Sunatarians, turning sunlight into life giving […]

Mind Over Medicine – Lissa Rankin, M.D. – Heal Your Life

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“It’s no wonder the notion that the mind might have the power to heal the body would be threatening to many mainstream doctors. After all, we spend a decade learning the tools that supposedly give us mastery over other people’s bodies. We want to believe that the time, money, and energy we’ve put into becoming […]

The Truth About Healing

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By Kim Hutchinson We often are asked to compare and contrast healing modalities; truth is, all healing comes from love. If the healer and patient both genuinely desire healing to occur, then it will, because they are open to the flow of love. Healers and patients who are not in their heart, or who do […]

Healing Others Begins With Yourself

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By Kim Hutchinson When we experience emotional pain, we often place blame on external factors, and on other people; however, if we were completely honest with ourselves, we would see that our own thoughts, feelings, and expectations, influence the manner in which we relate to others. As uncomfortable as that realization may be initially, it […]