Risk Being Seen

If you’re looking for sage life advice coupled with profound spiritual guidance, […]

divinely human

Divinely Human

“… we may also lift our hands to touch the edge of […]

Healing with the heart

Loving Ways to Deal with Toxic Behaviour

By Kim Hutchinson Toxic behaviour can zap your positive energy and leave […]

I Think Therefore I Am

By Steve Clayton We have all encountered Descartes famous line at some […]

Rough on Relationships

2013 has been very hard on many relationships. The majority of my […]

The Enlightenment Trap

By Steve Clayton Have you ever found yourself correcting someone when they […]

What is in a Name?

By Steve Clayton “I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name… […]

Facing Reality

By Steve Clayton Having a title like the one above opens the […]

Thinking with Your Heart

By Kim Hutchinson The key to the ascension learning to live in […]

October 28: The End of Time

By Kim Hutchinson According to Mayan scholar Carl Calleman, today (Oct. 28/11) […]

Alpha-2 Waves

By Kim Hutchinson I channelled this information from angelic sources. Alpha-2 Waves Earth’s […]

The Ego Strikes Back

By Kim Hutchinson The theme this past month, both at work and […]