Give Up?

By Kim Hutchinson

go with the flowThis month’s article deals with the spiritual concept of giving up. While on the surface, this may seem counterintuitive, it is in fact very essence of intuition. All too often we think we must be proactive. I know in my case, life on Earth has effectively converted my natural laid-back B-Type personality into the more rigid and intensely goal-oriented Type-A persona. These days, I find it hard to relax; instead, I must always be doing something; and herein lies the rub. Spirituality isn’t about doing; it’s about being.

Overcoming Obstacles

If you have been taught that life is hard and then you die, take the angels’ word for it: nothing could be farther from the truth. Life is about jumping over hurdles, yes, but those hurdles are what make life interesting. The trick is not to get stuck. If you don’t clear the hurdles, try again. If you keep trying and nothing is working, by all means give up. By ‘up’ I mean give it to Spirit. Picture yourself handing your stress, pain and fear up to the angels and say, “Please take this from me. I can’t handle it.” You can also give your worries to God, Mother Earth, or whatever spiritual being you wish. Surrendering control to Spirit means giving up all need to direct the outcome. Come what may, you must go with the flow. Detach from the outcome and see where Spirit leads you.

Talking with Angels

In order to talk with the angels, I must surrender my need to control the process. When I am in my left brain and feeling really stressed, I can’t hear the angels. Ironically, that’s when I need them the most; however, needing the angels isn’t enough. I must let go and detach completely from the process. That means I must vacate the analytical part of my mind and drift over into the intuitive, creative right-brain. In effect, I must halt the flow of energy to my Type-A mind and direct the flow instead to the Type-B hemisphere. The right brain is the receiving part of the mind. Its passive, open and trusting nature allows messages to flow in unimpeded. It picks ups signals that the logical left brain often can’t comprehend. Certainly, the left hemisphere is suspicious of the origins of said messages and will do its best to mock and shun whatever revelations come from Spirit. The process of talking to angels therefore involves suspending the disbelief of the logical brain long enough to receive and transmit the messages from Spirit.


During the ascension process you will come to see that the ego-driven left-brain brain seldom produces happy results. As recollections of your authentic being awaken, you may find yourself in a life that feels foreign to you. You are, in effect, remembering how to be a powerful spiritual creator, one who understands the value of surrendering control as a key step in the creation process. Perhaps you are fighting your true nature at work or at home, or maybe your relationships no longer feel rewarding. Resistance to these thoughts will only cause you grief. Instead of fighting these uncomfortable revelations, go with the flow. Turn yourself around in the river of life, and let the strong current carry you downstream. To do this, follow your heart and your intuition instead of your ego and your logic. Even if your left brain mocks you or fills you will notions of dread, surrender to the process. This is the only way to break free from the pain and fear, and to co-create a life of happiness with the Spirit of love that surrounds and supports you.

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. For more information, or to book a healing, please visit

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