Give Up?

By Kim Hutchinson

Life is so busy and stressful at times it can be hard to deal with everything. You need a break, but your commitments tell you to keep going. Or, maybe you’re facing a seemingly insurmountable problem. At times like this you may feel like quitting. While that may seem like an act of desperation, did you know there is a positive way to give up?

Overcoming Obstacles

If you have been taught that life is hard and then you die, nothing could be farther from the truth. Life is about jumping over hurdles, yes, but those hurdles are what make life interesting. The trick is not to get stuck. If you don’t clear the hurdles, keep trying.

If you still can’t achieve your goal, then by all means give ‘up’. Picture yourself handing your stress, pain and fear up to your higher self, guides, or Source, and say, “Please take this from me. I can’t handle it.” Surrendering control to Spirit means giving up all need to direct the outcome. Detach from the outcome and see where Spirit leads you.

Surrendering control is a key step in the creation process. Perhaps you are fighting your true nature at work or at home, or maybe your relationships no longer feel rewarding. Resistance to these thoughts will only cause you grief.

Instead of fighting these uncomfortable revelations, go with the flow. Turn yourself around in the river of life, and let the strong current carry you downstream. To do this, follow your heart and your intuition instead of your ego and your logic. This is the only way to break free from the pain and fear, and to co-create a life of happiness with the Spirit of love that surrounds and supports you.

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