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Light Body Manifestations

Human beings are undergoing an ascension process that is helping us shift into higher dimensions of awareness, and, ultimately return to Source. Part of this process involves changing our bodies from third-dimensional, carbon-based, biological avatars into multidimensional rainbow light bodies. This spiritual transformation is the reason for the plethora of ascension symptoms. These symptoms, up until recently, have been the only real ‘proof’ for many people that the ascension process is real. Lately, however, people have been reporting early stages of light body manifestation.

he following are just two examples of light body manifestation that I have experienced.

Light Emitting from Skin

My skin sparkles in the sun. As I slowly move my arm, I can see an iridescent shimmer that looks like pixie dust. Steve verified seeing the sparkles. I took several close-up pictures of my arm, and the light was very evident.

Glowing in the Dark

There are nights when I go to bed and I appear to be glowing. I first noticed this a few years ago, but chalked it up to some kind of ocular phenomenon. Recently, however, Steve told me he sees it, too. He wakes up some nights and thinks we accidentally left a light on, only to discover that light is coming from me. My auric field can be seen by others during the day, too. I’ve actually had people tell me I’m glowing. One lady even joked, “Whoa! Turn it down!”.

How to Assist Your Light Body Development

The following are things I do to fuel my light body development. Feel free to amend this list as you feel best:

  • Meditation: Spend time daily in meditation and/or doing some kind of meditative movement (i.e. Qigong).
  • Diet: Eat lots of fresh, raw produce throughout the day in combination with lean protein and healthy fats.
  • Sun: Regular exposure to sunlight – within safe limits – is vital.
  • Love and Joy: Focus on the good in life; laugh and have fun, and stay as heart-centred as possible.
  • Soul/Source Connection: Go within and connect to your unique Source-self. Be your own guide, angel and guru.


  • Kim Hutchinson

    Kim is a highly empathic Multidimensional Healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Kim and husband Steve Clayton created in 2008 to provide holistic care for people, pets, and places worldwide. Additionally, Kim's writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

9 thoughts on “Light Body Manifestations”

  1. Wow! If anyone is going to exhibit signs of sparkle and glow it’s going to be you!! I just now finished a reading with a dear man whose mother made her transition in March and I swear to Goddess when she came through she said to him, if you look past whatever you think the issue is and just back up a little, you’ll see the sparkle that’s in every molecule! 5D, here we come!! Xoxo

    1. Wow, is right, Rosemary! Talk about an affirmation from the universe. Holy sparkles, Batman! I think I can see 5D from here. LOL! 🙂 So happy to be on this crazy ride with you, Soul Sista! Mwah! xox

  2. I am so happy I came across your website. I recently noticed that I sparkle and have been trying to figure out what is causing it. I think I found my answer. Thank you!

  3. Hi. I’ve been searching online about my identical akin condition, sparkly like pixy dusk in the sun!!!!!!! I thought it was only me although my boyfriend told me he has it too, and it’s normal for everyone. But I have not been able to see other people’s skin due to the pandemic!! I can’t believe I found this article!!!

    1. Hi Kana,

      I’m glad you found my article. It’s always good to know that we’re not alone in these extraordinary times.

      Keep on sparkling! 🙂

      Love & Light,

  4. Look at every single thing.
    I all shimmer and sparkles
    You can see structurs as you orient the object.
    Like metal has a structure that is visible with the naked eye. As if you are looking through a mesh that has restriction.
    Can move left right but not up down, for example

    Ant way it is to say that your body is not different that other “matter”.

    There is no matter!
    Just relationship through spacetime
    Of the undivided self
    Looking at itself through what it is not.

    I hope you get that
    Or that it makes sense.

    To see all iridescent is a signe that you are taking the time to enjoy what is given.
    I live it
    I love it

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