EMF Mitigation Upgrade

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If you are like us, you probably have a heightened sensitivity to electro-magnetic fields. These EMFs are ever-increasing, and they can be disruptive to your holistic well-being. Clients frequently ask us what we use to shield ourselves from these fields. In addition to the protective power of shungite, we tell them about Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE). […]

Boost Your Immune System

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By Kim Hutchinson In light of global virus concerns, we are sharing this video on how to stay healthy. This is the first in a series of webinars on how to boost your immune system. In the video, Clayten and Jeffrey of FLFE (Focused Life Force Energy) discuss measurements of immune system functioning in a […]

Energetic Surrogate: Protection from Energy Vampires

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By Kim Hutchinson Learning to protect against psychic attacks, energy drains, and toxic energy is essential for your mind, body and spirit health. Recently, I ‘downloaded’ a new technique, and so far I’ve had wonderful success with it. The way it works is you create an energetic surrogate to pose as you, but you power […]