Healing Tree-tments

By Steve Clayton

Trees talk with your heart
sharing their ageless wisdom,
joy and love of life

Heart Space

I recently wrote the above Haiku to remind myself of the many benefits of being in one’s heart. Those of you who know me, or are Facebook friends with me, have seen the many pictures of me meditating with the trees. These sessions are both relaxing and very informative. When you are in your heart you discover a much larger world around you, a world in which the trees and nature are ready to communicate with you on many levels.

The other day while I was meditating I was suddenly aware of mosquitoes landing near my left ear. I took a couple of deep breaths, sent them love and returned to my meditation, and they then left. A short time later they were back, and one crawled in my left ear. Fighting the urge to swat or kill them I again sent them love. As I returned to my inner self they left. When they returned yet a third time, I started to get annoyed. Then I realized that each time they appeared my thoughts had drifted out of the meditative state and into some daily concern or worry. The mosquitos were nature’s way of letting me know I had slipped out of my heart and into my head. I was thankful for the message.


Getting into your heart, and staying there, are two different things. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. When I received messages from the various tree families I was very grateful and thanked them for their help. But then my left brain was often motivated to substantiate the truthfulness of the messages, leading to many a Google search which, invariably, verified what I had been told.

Luckily for me the universe is persistent. During a recent distance healing session my client was dealing with some rather nasty elements of third dimensional life. These problems were exacerbated by a group of Satanists living nearby her. Part of her request had been to block their negative energies which she was unable to accomplish on her own.

The Solution

During the healing session the Hawthorn trees made their presence known by offering their help. They began with the following qualifier: “Do not believe everything you may have heard about us. We, like all tree families, are aligned in Love with Mother Earth and all her creations.” I did not understand their statement but the middle of a healing session is not the time for a Google search. The Hawthorn trees then wrapped the outer edge of my client’s energy field in a blanket of their energy, complete with thorns pointing away from her. This shield was accompanied by the intention that only loving energies would be able to pass through the barrier. I noticed an immediate positive shift in my client’s energy field.

After the session was over I Googled the Hawthorn tree (of course!). I discovered that for centuries many satanic groups had adopted the Hawthorn as their symbol due to the tree’s spiky armour. Now the Hawthorns’ opening message made sense to me. More importantly, I learned that when you are truly in your heart, you do not have to question the purity of this connection to all life; you merely have to trust that Creation always has our highest good at heart.


We live in a world built on Love whose varied manifestations are always willing to help us if we are awake and open enough to ask for their assistance. Recently, the trees have been making regular appearances in my healing sessions, offering guidance and help. I guess I should start calling them ‘tree-tments’.

I am both humbled and awed by the trees’ presence and their help. I am also very grateful to be included into their various families’ domain. Life is good!

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