The Trifurcation of Worlds

By Kim Hutchinson The past year was the most intense phase in […]

Earthquake or Ascension Portal?

By Kim Hutchinson Last night I was awakened by a strange phenomenon […]

The Key to Ascension is Peace

Mother Earth Reveals the Key to Ascension

By Kim Hutchinson I connected with Mother Earth to ask her perspective […]

Ascension: Choosing a Higher Path; Anchoring to 7D

By Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson Does your heart yearn for a […]

Repairing the Atlantean Time Loop

By Kim Hutchinson I had an interesting ascension dream in which I […]

Rainbow Body Meditation

By Kim Hutchinson I recently had an amazing ascension experience while meditating […]

Ascension Vision: Rainbow Flower Children

By Kim Hutchinson I have been receiving quite a few ascension messages […]

Energetic Upgrades Through Mother Earth

There is an energetic wave emanating from Mother Earth right now and she wants us to take advantage it. It would behoove you to take advantage of the energetic upgrades Mother is offering us. There is no pressure. There is no rush. There is only allowing. There is only love.

Ascension Update: Fall 2018

What is UP with the energy? Many people have asked this question. Suffice as to say, things have been really intense these past two months. Our Sun continues to shower us with an ever-increasingly powerful energy which contains upgrade codes for our ascension. The intensity of the solar emissions, with their transformational power, is at an all-time high.

Ascension Vision: The Solar Flash

By Kim Hutchinson Galactic Cloud Last month, while in mediation with Source, […]

Ascension Symptoms: Spring 2018

By Kim Hutchinson Everyone on Planet Earth is being upgraded energetically. Some […]

Hope Is In the Air

By Steve Clayton Wrapped in Peace I was motivated to do a […]