Earthquake or Ascension Portal?

By Kim Hutchinson

Last night I was awakened by a strange phenomenon which felt like an earthquake, but which I believe was ascension-related.

It started with a full body vibration. Steve and I have been experiencing this classic ascension symptom for the past several years. The vibration generally happens just as we are falling asleep. It is normally intense enough to wake us.

Last night, just past midnight, the vibration not only woke me; it jolted me out of a deep sleep. I felt my body twitching, and the bed shaking. It then quickly escalated to ground tremors. As I lay there in shock, I could feel the floor rippling, and heaving up and down. It was quite unnerving.

Shortly thereafter, it stopped. I got up to investigate. Everything looked normal.

Today, I went online searching for news of an earthquake, but could find no record of seismic activity in my area.

My feeling is that this is ascension related. The energy is very revved up right now. We are in a powerful three-day portal due to the solstice solar eclipse. There is also buzz about June 21, 2020 being the real end of the Mayan calendar. Whether that is true or not, the concept is rippling through the collective consciousness. Perhaps I felt stirrings of this meme manifesting in my personal reality. Whatever the reason, this was a highly unusual, significant and powerful occurrence; one that I am sure is a sign of more exciting things to come.

Happy ascension!

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