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How to Heal a Virus

I am sharing a virus healing visualization that was revealed to me. I do not know if this will work on the Coronavirus but please feel free to give it a try. If you can imagine it happening, and you believe it is effective, then it may yield positive results.

Prior to Christmas, I facilitated a Multidimensional Healing session for a client who had been experiencing a recurring illness. During the healing process, it was revealed that she was battling a super-bug virus. The way this virus presented, and the technique used to heal it, was fascinating. I’m sharing this in case you wish to try this healing technique yourself.

I began by putting myself into a lucid dream state. I then connected with my client’s soul in the fifth dimension. After the initial consultation, our higher selves moved to the angelic home world in the seventh dimension for the healing.

The angels and I scanned the patient’s energy field. We discovered the presence of an intruder. It looked like a big, black spider. This turned out to be the super-bug.

We were intuitively guided to boost the patient’s white blood cells with powerful white light. The cells immediately began to glow, and to expand. I watched in fascination as the cells inflated. They continued to grow until they were very large in size.

The white blood cells then sprang into action. These “super cells” fashioned ribbons from light. They then used these strands to truss up the super-bug, thoroughly immobilizing it. The amazing cells picked up the bound bug and carried it away.

We then finished the healing as usual (i.e. clearing the aura and chakras).

The white blood cells took on a life of their own. They did exactly what they are programmed to do. All they needed was an infusion of higher vibrational light to strengthen their ability to rid the body of the virus. This confirms that the body, and all its components, is sentient and intelligent.

Self-Healing Exercise

If you would like to heal your body of viruses, here is a modified version of the technique:

  • Set aside approximately one hour. Ensure there are no interruptions (i.e. turn off your phone).
  • Lie down, close your eyes, and breathe deeply until you are deeply relaxed.
  • Call in Archangel Raphael and his healing team, along with your guardian angels, spirit guides and soul family.
  • Set the intention to fully heal your body (i.e. of all viruses).
  • Envision/feel/sense a pillar of white light flowing into you.
  • Set the intention for the light to flood into your white blood cells. See/sense them getting stronger and bigger.
  • Imagine the cells disabling and removing the virus. (Feel free to use any kind of visual or concept you wish.)
  • Ask for a final healing and clearing from the angels and guides.
  • End the session by thanking all the beings who helped, and by sending love and gratitude to your body, especially to the white blood cells.
  • Hold the intention that you are healed.


  • Kim Hutchinson

    Kim is a highly empathic Multidimensional Healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Kim and husband Steve Clayton created in 2008 to provide holistic care for people, pets, and places worldwide. Additionally, Kim's writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

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  1. This is a wonderful healing visualization! I think it has every component necessary to get the job done! Thank you so much for sharing it, my sister!

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