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How We Heal with Angels

We both heal with the help of the angels. Here is a detailed description of how our healing sessions benefit from angelic help.

Kim’s Multidimensional Healing with the Angels

People often ask me how I came to heal with the angels. I’ve always had a strong desire to help people, coupled with an affinity for the spiritual. I guess you could say that healing with angels was a natural outcome. With the help of the angels, I have developed my own healing technique that I call Multidimensional Healing. Working primarily with angels, as well as spirit guides, I am able to send powerful, loving and healing energy over great distances. This is the story of how I came to work with the angelic realm, and how these healings unfold. The angels initially came to me following an impassioned conversation with God during which I asked for the ability to help heal the world. Several angels appeared and told me that they had been with me throughout my life. They explained that they had been conversing telepathically with me since I was a child. Along with my clairaudience, they helped me to embrace and develop my other extrasensory gifts, including my healing capacity. They also guided me to Earthly teachers and helped with practical matters such as starting my healing business. I began my healing path by giving angel readings. I had studied Reiki, Chios Healing, crystal healing, and other forms of energy healing, but I didn’t fully resonate with them at that point. My intuitive gifts, however, were enhanced and clarified by these healing modalities. That allowed me to act as a channel for the angelic realm. After several years of providing intuitive readings, a passion for healing grew within me, and so I made the switch to being a full-time healer. Every healing I do with the angels is unique. The angels customize each treatment to suit the individual. Despite variances, the healings share several commonalities. For starters, they are all distance healings, meaning I perform them remotely. I let the recipient know ahead of time how to prepare. I then ask the person to send me their healing intentions, along with a recent photograph. At a mutually agreeable time I begin the healing process by inviting Archangels Raphael, Michael, and the other angels of healing, along with the recipient’s guardian angels and higher selves, to facilitate the healing. I also check with the recipient’s soul to ensure that the healing is in her highest interest. If so, I set the intention to be a crystal clear channel for the Divine, and then I go into a deep meditative state. On the spirit plane, I meet with the angels and the person’s soul. The process is similar to lucid dreaming. On a soul plane, I then travel to the angelic home world in the 7th dimension, where I begin the healing process with the help of Archangel Raphael and his team. We remote scan the person’s aura and chakra system for anomalies, then clear the energy field by removing cords of fear and vacuuming away negativity. We then focus on conducting holistic spiritual healing into all levels: beautifying thoughts, and balancing, aligning and clearing chakras. The angels are so adept at moulding healing to each person’s unique needs that it is difficult to anticipate what the recipient might experience. Overall though, the healing experience tends to be a relaxing one. The client may feel energy moving around or through their body. They may also sense heat, chills, colour, light, geometric forms, dreams and other visualizations, sounds, memories, tastes and smells. Then again, they may sense absolutely nothing. No matter what happens, the healing works. The main healing facility on the angelic home world is the Crystal Palace, an angelic crystalline structure used for sound healing. This exquisitely beautiful, soaring edifice comprised of shimmering crystals. The facade is translucent and milky white, with glistening shades of violet and the palest pastels. It appears to be alive, flowing like water. Inside in Crystal Palace, angelic beings gather to sing. Each angel holds a particular note. This glorious choral sound rises to the glass ceiling where healing tables have been installed. A patient’s entire being reverberates with sound, and those waves of love and light remove stubborn blockages and re-tune their energy field to the frequency of Source. There is a wide variety of notes being sung, and yet the sound is incredibly pleasing to the ear. The angels in the Crystal Palace joyfully transmit this harmonic resonance throughout all the layers of creation, but focus most of their attention and energy on our realm as it is most discordant and thus is in need of the most re-tuning. All matter in our dimension is comprised of strings that vibrate and thus produce a frequency. The harmonic resonance helps to elevate the frequency of the vibration so that everything and everyone is restored to a perfect state of equilibrium. The angels may also facilitate healing in a natural environment such as a waterfall. Water, crystals, music, energy and love are frequently employed in the healing process. Over the course of several years, I downloaded a fair bit of past life information during my readings. Past lives had always fascinated me, and my interest in them is what led to the karmic healing. People who were interested in past lives gravitated to me, thanks to the Law of Attraction. Many clients would ask if I offered past life regressions. Naively, I began to practice regressions on my husband and friends, only to discover the process had the potential to cause great harm in untrained hands. There’s a risk in getting stuck in past life trauma if you don’t know what you’re doing. I immediately stopped the regressions, and yet the requests for help with karmic healing continued to pour in. I didn’t know how to help people. Naturally, my angelic friends came to the rescue again. They told me about their karmic healing technique which they simply call Past Life Healing. They explained that the potential dangers inherent in regressions could be minimized, or even eliminated, by healing the person first before providing them with past life details. They also recommended that I act as a witness for patients in lieu of them re-experiencing their prior trauma. Both of these techniques serve as necessary buffers, and they allow the patient to release their karma in the present instead of getting stuck in the past. If a person requires healing from prior incarnations, Archangel Raziel enables the karmic healing by helping us move through past timelines…or so it appears. In actuality, everything happens in the present. I may visualize us moving through a tunnel, over a bridge, or spinning in a vortex of Archangel Michael’s creation. As we enter each of the past lives, the setting will be momentarily obscured by fog. The mist then dissipates and a scene plays out featuring the patient in a previous incarnation. I observe every detail as closely as possible so that I can share these with the patient after the healing. In a typical session, the angels will take us to approximately three past lives. Some past life scenarios are happy and some are rather gloomy. The past lives that we visit are specific to the issues that the patient wishes to heal. The angels, in their immense wisdom, know exactly which past lives we should visit, and they are adept at balancing the painful memories with joyful recollections. At the end of each painful visit, the angels will heal whatever issues arise. For the positive incarnations, they energetically transmit the happy energy to the patient. In both scenarios, there is always information to be gleaned. Perhaps there is a past life connection with a person or place. Maybe the person has a skill that could be utilized in their present life. Whatever needs to be recalled is given to me to pass on to the patient. After the past lives have been explored, we return to the present timeline. The patient’s well-being is reassessed, and if necessary, she receives another healing. At this point, I emerge from my dream state. Before I forget any details, I immediately make a recording of all my observations. The information I receive is generally detailed and specific. Interestingly, I notice as I am relaying the information, how neatly and perfectly the past life experiences address the client’s concerns. I then email this digital file to the client so she can listen to it after she receives the healing energy from the angels. I am positively affected by every healing. Whenever I work with the angels, I too am healed. Afterwards, I feel lighter, happier and healthier. There’s an abundance of gratitude at the end of every healing, both on the patient’s and my behalf. It’s a great privilege to be a part of the healing process. Helping others heal is also deeply rewarding.

Steve’s Vibrational Energy Healing with the Angels

I always enjoyed being able to help people whenever the opportunity arose, but I did not realize what a positive effect I could have on the well-being of others until I discovered Full-Spectrum Vibrational Energy Healing. My wife Kim helped me to recognize my innate ability and she encouraged me to study energy healing. I went on to study several energy modalities, including Reiki, along with crystal and sound healing. This process helped to expand my limited five-sensory view of the world. It also introduced me to the angels. What my left brain might have once scoffed at, I was able to embrace wholeheartedly with the help of angels. I not only felt the angelic energy in my heart, but I could feel the difference between the archangels themselves, from Michael’s forceful presence to Raphael’s gentle energy. When I began to call on the angels for assistance during my healings my clients, responded by telling me the treatments felt more powerful; a loving partnership was formed. I knew then I had found my life’s purpose. The more I worked with the angels, the more my awareness expanded, and I realized I was not limited to just helping people in the here and now; I could help them in all directions of time and on multiple dimensions. From the beginning, people have told me that I am ‘out there’. I reply by placing my hand over my heart and saying, “No, I am in here and it feels terrific.” The human mind loves to complicate things, giving them a sense of grandeur or importance, but the simple answer is I heal from faith. Everything in the universe – and quite possibly the multiverse – is made of the same energy, and that energy works the same way in everything. The only difference is the vibratory rate of the molecules which make up a particular object, giving rise to different levels of consciousness or dimensions. Once we accept our connection to everything, the paradigm of our previous beliefs falls away and then anything is possible. ‘Energy Follows Thought’ is the new age mantra which encompasses not just healing but all aspect of our lives. When you think it, have faith in it and fill it with Love, then it will come to be. This is also true for any negative thoughts one may have. Being in one’s heart and working in conjunction with the angels helps keep negativity at bay. No two healings are ever the same, but there are basic practices which I following. To begin a healing session I ground myself to Mother Earth and if applicable, to the patient’s planet of origin. (This information is provided intuitively by my angelic guides.) I then ask to become a crystal clear connection and channel for the Energy. I invite Archangel Michael to clear negative energy from my client and me. I also ask Archangel Raphael to help guide the session, and I remain open to receiving help from any angels or spirit guides who may wish to assist. Since all healing comes from Love, I request that my higher self help keep me in my heart and I ask the person’s higher self for permission to facilitate the healing. After this I set the intention to heal on all dimensional levels and in all directions of time, releasing everything that is not in the person’s highest good. Then I simply get out of the way and allow the Energy to flow through me, guiding me as it deems fit. I don’t have expectations when it comes to healing. I discovered very quickly that everyone experiences these sessions differently. The same person can have a totally different experience from one healing session to the next. I do not wish to implant expectations, so I ask them to clear their minds as best they can or to think and feel only loving thoughts. I am definitely and positively affected by each healing. A sense of calm and peace washes through me. I will often feel as good, if not better, at the end of a healing as when I began. This is the tricky part. When I teach about healing, I stress that if a healer is using his or her own energy during a session, they will feel drained during and/or after the session. They may also feel as though they are going to spontaneously combust. Conversely, if a healer feels charged up after a session, then he or she may be (unknowingly) taking a lot of the energy for him or herself rather than allowing it to flow into their client. A healer is a facilitator and a witness rather than being the actual source or cause of the healing. During a healing session, the angels calm me, guide me, and occasionally give me messages to relay to the patient. I ask for and gratefully receive whatever help they wish to give me.


  • Kim Hutchinson

    Kim is a highly empathic Multidimensional Healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Kim and husband Steve Clayton created in 2008 to provide holistic care for people, pets, and places worldwide. Additionally, Kim's writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

  • Steve Clayton

    Steve is a compassion, wise energy healer who helps people and animals regain their inner balance. Steve and wife Kim Hutchinson created in 2008 to provide holistic care for people, pets, and places worldwide. Additionally, Steve has supported the local holistic community as the founder and organizer of the Riverview Holistic Fairs, and as a member of the Riverview Health and Wellness Committee.

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