Archangel Guide

By Kim Hutchinson

I’m frequently asked which angels to call upon in certain circumstances. Here is a handy guide to help familiarize you with the angelic specialists known as the archangels.

Archangel Specialties

  • ADD/ADHD: Metatron
  • Adoption: Gabriel
  • Addictions: Raphael
  • Anger: Jeremiel
  • Animal Healing: Ariel and Raphael
  • Art: Jophiel, Gabriel
  • Beauty: Jophiel
  • Career: Chamuel
  • Change: Nathaniel
  • Children: Gabriel and Metatron
  • Communication: Gabriel
  • Compassion: Zadkiel
  • Conflicts: Raguel
  • Counselling: Azrael
  • Courage: Michael
  • Creativity: Gabriel
  • Crossing Over / Dying: Azrael
  • Decorating: Jophiel
  • Depression: Azrael
  • Divine Guidance: Raziel
  • Environment/ Nature: Ariel
  • Esoteric Knowledge: Raziel
  • Family Issues: Raguel
  • Friendships: Raguel
  • Forgiveness: Zadkiel and Jeremiel
  • Grief: Azrael
  • Healing: Raphael
  • Home Healing: Michael, Raphael, and Jophiel
  • Job Search: Chamuel
  • Life Purpose: Michael
  • Life Review: Jeremiel
  • Lost Items: Chamuel
  • Love: Chamuel and Raguel
  • Manifestation: Ariel
  • Memory: Zadkiel
  • Music: Sandalphon
  • Organization: Metatron
  • Parenting: Gabriel
  • Passion: Nathaniel
  • Past Life/Karma Healing: Raziel and Raphael
  • Patience: Haniel
  • Peace: Raguel and Chamuel
  • Prayers: Sandalphon
  • Pregnancy: Gabriel
  • Problem Solving: Uriel
  • Prosperity: Ariel
  • Protection: Michael and Ariel
  • Soulmate: Chamuel
  • Self-Esteem: Michael
  • Spirit Clearing: Michael and Raphael
  • Spiritual Gifts: Haniel
  • Tests/Studying: Uriel
  • Travel: Raphael
  • Weather: Uriel
  • Writing: Gabriel and Uriel

Meet the Archangels

Archangel Ariel

  • Name Meaning: Lioness of God
  • Colour: Pale pink
  • Crystal: Rose Quartz
  • Assists with: Environment, Oceans, Wild Life, Teachers, Healers, Self-Esteem, Manifesting

Archangel Azrael

  • Name Meaning: Whom God helps
  • Colour: Vanilla cream
  • Crystal: Yellow Calcite
  • Assists with: Death, Crossing over, Grief Counselling, Channelling

Archangel Chamuel

  • Name Meaning: He who sees/seeks God
  • Colour: Pale green
  • Crystal: Fluorite
  • Assists with: Finding lost things, Love, Soulmates, Compassion, Career

Archangel Gabriel

  • Name Meaning: God is my strength
  • Colour: Copper
  • Crystal: Carnelian
  • Assists with: Conception, Adoption, Children, Parenting, Creativity, Communication

Archangel Haniel

  • Name Meaning: Grace of God
  • Colour: Bluish-White
  • Crystal: Moonstone
  • Assists with: Moon and life cycles, Harmony, Grace, Inner Quiet, Highest potential

Archangel Jeremiel

  • Name Meaning: Mercy of God/ God uplifts
  • Colour: Eggplant
  • Crystal: Amethyst
  • Assists with: Life Review, Lessons Learned, Changes, Self-Love, Mercy

Archangel Jophiel

  • Name Meaning: Beauty of God
  • Colour: Deep Pink
  • Symbol: Rose
  • Crystal: Pink Tourmaline
  • Assists with: Beauty, Beautifying your thoughts, Decorating, Feng Shui, Decluttering, Outdoor Clean-up

Archangel Metatron

  • Name Meaning: Angel of the Presence
  • Colours: Violet, Sea Green
  • Crystal: Watermelon tourmaline
  • Assists with: Crystal & Rainbow Children, Record Keeping, Organization, Motivation, Priorities, Chakra clearing

Archangel Michael

  • Name Meaning: He who is like God
  • Colour: Cobalt Blue
  • Crystal: Sugilite
  • Assists with: Protection, Fearlessness, Courage, Space Clearing, Life purpose, Justice

Archangel Nathaniel

  • Name Meaning: Gift/s of God
  • Colour: Red
  • Crystal: Ruby
  • Assists with: Life’s passion, Divine purpose, Lightning fast change, Spiritual Fire, Guiding us toward our goals

Archangel Raguel

  • Name Meaning: Friend of God
  • Colour: Pale Sky Blue
  • Crystal: Celestite
  • Assists with: Relationship Harmony, Conflict Resolution, Fairness

Archangel Raphael

  • Name Meaning: Whom God heals
  • Colour: Emerald Green
  • Crystal: Emerald
  • Assists with: Healing (People, Pets, Spaces), Finding Lost Pets, Travel Protection

Archangel Raziel

  • Name Meaning: Secret of God
  • Colour: White or Rainbow
  • Crystal: Clear Quartz
  • Assists with: Past Life Healing, Esoteric wisdom, Alchemy, Divine Magic

Archangel Sandalphon

  • Name Meaning: Angel of Mercy / Prayer
  • Colour: Turquoise
  • Crystal/Stone: Turquoise
  • Assists with: Answering Prayers, Music, Singing, Dancing

Archangel Uriel

  • Name Meaning: Light of God
  • Colour: Pale Yellow
  • Crystal: Citrine
  • Assists with: Intellectual Guidance, Studying, Tests, Students, Problem-Solving, Decision-making, Prophecy, Warnings, and Weather

Archangel Zadkiel

  • Name Meaning: Righteousness of God
  • Colour: Indigo
  • Crystal: Tanzanite
  • Assists with: Forgiveness, Compassion, Emotional Healing, Releasing Karma, Opening to New Ideas, Memory Recall

Invoking the Angels’ Help

To call on the healing and protective powers of the angelic realm, say the following aloud:

“Archangel Michael, please vacuum away fear and negativity from my energy field, home, family, pets, surroundings (the land beneath me, the sky above, and all around me). Please cut my cords of fear in all directions of time and remove all negative attachments. If there are any unwelcome, unwanted or unloving entities around me and my family, please remove them; and, if it’s in their highest interest, please escort these entities Home to the Light. Wrap me, my family and my home in your protective blue cloak, and watch over us at all times. 

Archangel Raphael, please heal me and my loved ones in all directions of time. Please strengthen my auric field.

Archangel Metatron, please clear, align and balance my chakra system.

Archangel Jophiel, please beautify my thoughts. Help me to stay heart-centred.  

Source / God / Creator, please fill my space and auric field with Divine White Light. Help me to raise my vibration so that I resonate only with Love and Light.” 

Closing Affirmation: “I have now released all fear and to remove all blockages so that I may live in peace and love. My home is safe. My loved ones are safe. I am SAFE. I am surrounded by love. I am filled with love. I am LOVE! Thank you all! I love you.”

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