Archangel Raziel Talks Ascension

By Kim Hutchinson

Here is some fascinating information I received recently from my spiritual teacher, Archangel Raziel:


Our universe, like all other universes, is shaped like a torus. Not sure what a torus is? Essentially, it’s a donut. This ‘donut’ has many thin layers, each of which is a universe. These universes are called the multiverse. The torus-shaped multiverse is always in motion. A dimension starts at the top of the torus and moves down the outer surface until it reaches the bottom. It then moves up the interior until it reaches the top. This creates an infinite loop of movement. It appears as though the torus is constantly turning itself inside out.

The Spin Cycle

Since the torus is constantly in motion, that means we are continually moving through dimensions. At our current level, a dimensional shift happens over the course of approximately 26,000 years. As souls, we began our journey at the top of the donut and gradually worked our way down to the bottom, or the 3rd dimension. Then, we commenced our re-ascent. In 1987, the leading edge of our dimension entered the 4th dimension, and is now entering the 5th . We will continue our ascent all the way back to the top.

Here, There and Everywhere

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t simply disappear from one dimension and then magically appear in another. The process is much more gradual and seamless. As we transition, we stretch from one dimension into the next. Since only odd numbered dimensions (i.e. the 3rd) are stable, we span the even-numbered dimension (the 4th) as we reach for the next major level (the 5th). During this cusp phase, up until the shift is complete, we can move back and forth between three dimensions. The 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions are all accessible to us right now, and in essence, we all exist in each dimension right now.

Balloon Art

If you’re having problems visualizing this concept, try thinking of humanity as an oblong balloon. Our collective energy stretches from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. One end of that balloon is still anchored in the 3rd dimension, while the leading edge has inflated into the 5th. The mass of humanity occupies the 4th dimension. We all interconnected even if we are stretched across dimensions.

Gum Shoe

Another fun analogy is that of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. The gum stuck to the ground represents people in the 3rd dimension. The length of gum that stretches from the ground to the shoe are the folks in the 4th. Gum stuck to the sole represents people in the 5th. Those who are sole/soul focused are pulling everyone up while the guys on the ground are staying firmly fixed to the physical world. The people in the middle are constantly being pulled and stretched, almost to the breaking point.

Holodecks aren’t just for Trekkies

In Star Trek, there was a room on board ship where crew could go to engage in lifelike simulations. Their highly convincing virtual reality worlds were utterly engaging, so much so the crew often forgot they were interacting with fictional holographic characters. So it is with our universe. Everything and everyone – yourself included – is simply a hologram. Even though we find ourselves spread over three dimensions, we don’t notice the absence of anyone, save for those who have chosen the traditional ascension method (a.k.a. death) to move into the 5th. That is because we are interacting with holograms at every level, and these representations of beings fill in the gaps. We all exist at every level as a hologram. Your consciousness effortlessly animates your multilevel being in each dimension. There will be one level that more closely resonates with your soul, and that is where you will place the bulk of your consciousness.

Role Play can be Fun

Depending on the role your soul volunteered to play during this transition, you will find yourself more closely aligned with one of the three main roles:

  • GUIDE: In the 5th dimension we find the ascension pioneers, the ground-breakers who are leading the way. They talk, teach and write about ascension-related topics more than anyone else. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of collective consciousness into virgin territory, and pulling the masses up with them. Many refer to themselves as Lightworkers as they acknowledge their mission is to spread the light of awareness wherever they go.
  • EXPLORER: These are the people who are feeling their way through the 4th dimension. Many are on an inward journey of self-discovery and self-mastery. They are the seekers, the curious ones who ask lots of questions and who thirst for spiritual knowledge. They are fascinated by topics such as holistic healing, spirituality, intuition, and so forth. Many are female or have a female heart. That is because we are ending a male/left-brain cycle and commencing a female/heart dream. Women are leading the way into this new creation.
  • ANCHOR: People closely aligned with the 3rd dimension will not be interested in moving to a higher dimension or even discussing the concept of ascension. They will exhibit strong left-brain tendencies (i.e. logic, vs. intuition) and will discount the majority of spiritual topics. They are firmly anchored in the old physical world and are therefore focused on 3D issues and problems (i.e. corrupt financial system). Many men are in this category, and there is a good reason for this. They must be strong enough to act as an anchor for the rest of us.

Life has its Ups and Downs

During this ascension process, some people move from anchor to explorer to guide. Others will skip the explorer phase and move directly from the 3rd to the 5th dimension by physically leaving their body (‘death’). If you’re in the 5th, it is possible to be affected by someone whose energy is anchored in the 3rd, and vice versa. In other words, you can raise and lower your vibration depending on who you’re with.

The Slingshot Effect

Those folks whose feet are firmly planted in the 3D are holding us down for a reason. Something external will occur such as a pulse from the Nexus point of the universe, to signal “It’s time!”. People in the third dimension will let go en mass, thus propelling all of us deeply into the 5th dimension (and beyond, if we so choose). So you see, we NEED the resistance created by the anchors in our life. Don’t try to change or save them; just thank them, and let them be.

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