Reiki: Good or bad?

Is There a Dark Side to Reiki? (Answer: No)

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By Kim Hutchinson I Love Reiki! I wrote this article because other people said Reiki was bad/dark.  I hope to prove them wrong. Recently, I read a Facebook post from a healing colleague about the hidden dangers of Reiki. I was surprised by the assertions which basically said that Reiki energy was from a lower vibration and that it […]

Truth: A Subjective Impression of Being

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By Kim Hutchinson I asked Archangel Michael if something I had witnessed in my mind’s eye was real, and his response was to ask me if I wanted it to be real. As he explained, everything that we believe is real is indeed real. Reality is completely subjective. There is no one reality. We decide […]

A Matter of Choice

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By Steve Clayton Winter has not officially arrived here in the Maritimes but the cold weather has. The ground is covered with snow while the temperatures range from a daytime high of +2 and a night time low of – 9. Love it or hate it winter is well on its way. Watching people’s reactions […]