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Power of Light Language

By Kim Hutchinson

I was speaking light language when something amazing happened.

Light language is an intuitive, multidimensional form of communication that speaks to the heart and soul. It includes sound (speaking, toning and singing); writing / drawing (symbols; geometry), and gestures (hand movements; drawing symbols in the air).

I started by singing. Then, I opened my heart and allowed the light language to flow. I found myself tapping into my fifth dimensional Pleiadian roots. The sounds were very familiar to me even though my logical human brain had no idea what was being said. As I pondered the meaning of the words I was speaking, an intuitive dialogue started in my mind. The words I was speaking were being simultaneously translated. It was like channelling an interpreter! The message was so uplifting and full of love. I really felt like I was speaking, and understanding, the language of my soul. It was such a rush!

Atop the joy of connecting with home and communicating in my soul’s language, I could also feel potent energy flowing into me. It was bright white with golden sparkles, and it illuminated me from head to toe. I felt like I was glowing! The energy continued to flow in and expand my aura. I sensed it getting bigger and became aware of the spin of my personal vortex.

That’s when something really surprising happened.

As I was in full flow of the channelling, a stack of papers from a nearby bookcase suddenly flew off the shelf and sailed across the room.

Naturally, I stopped in surprise.

I tried to determine what had happened, and why, but could find no logical explanation. I was home alone at the time. There were no drafts and vibrations. The windows were closed. The fan was off and the furnace wasn’t running. I also do not recall hearing or feeling any big vehicles driving by at that time. Prior to falling, the papers had been firmly nestled on the shelf, as opposed to sitting on the edge where they might have slipped off accidentally. The papers themselves yielded no clues as they were blank.

I was left to conclude what my soul already knew; that the influx of higher vibrational energy had caused the papers to fly across the room. I believe this is a wonderful confirmation of the phenomenal power of light language.

If you are unfamiliar with light language, I invite you to give it a try. There are some great videos on YouTube which explain how to do it. Have fun with it! You never know what might happen.


  • Kim Hutchinson

    Kim is a highly empathic spiritual healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Her writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

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2 thoughts on “Power of Light Language”

  1. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing!! I can just hear you and how soothing it is! A while back I ran across a video on You Tube that is a healing for animals in the language of light. I tried it out because my son’s dog was in need, yet I had no idea what it meant. I thought, is this like a speaking in tongues? But, no, it’s totally different. It was so soothing and made directing healing energy very easy. And it helped the dog! How exciting that there are always new frontiers for us to discover! Thank you, Kimmy!! Here’s the link in case anyone wants to check it out.

    1. Hi Rosemary,
      Thank you for your awesome comments and for sharing the link to the light language healing for pets. That sounds awesome! I will definitely check it out. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Much love to you,

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