Helping Animals Cope with Stress

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By Steve Clayton The events of 2020 have changed how the world functions on every level. For many, these changes have been stressful and frightening. But humans are not the only ones affected by the turmoil; our animal companions are similarly vulnerable to unexpected change. Life is a shared experience and that sharing is only […]

How to Heal Your Pet

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By Steve Clayton I have had a few inquiries asking why animal family members are acting out of sorts. Despite us being home, and getting more of our attention, our animal companions sense we are not home on vacation. They feel our concern for the health and safety of our loved ones, along with anxiety […]

Your ascending pet

Animals Affected by Intense Energies

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By Steve Clayton The energy of the Sun is really intense these days, and everyone is feeling the stress of heightened, accelerated energies hitting the planet. With the Schumann Resonance spiking higher than most scientists thought possible, all life on Mother Earth is being affected. Many animals, ranging from four-legged family members to farm animals […]

Pet Healing Workshop: May 26

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Learn how to heal your animal companions the natural way! Steve will guide you through the process of sensing, channelling, directing energy, and how that pertains to your pet’s aura field. You will also learn about animal chakras; their specific functions, and how to recognize and correct chakra imbalances and blockages. Suitable for both beginners, […]

Your ascending pet

Our Animal Companions

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By Steve Clayton The depth within a dog’s eyes Drives home how little I understand miracles Animals are struggling Wild and domesticated animals are having a tough time of it right now. Many of our four-legged family members decline suddenly and go home almost without warning. Those who choose to stay become anxious, aggressive or […]

Energy Healing for Cats

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Steve’s cat healing skills are featured in this month’s edition of Global Pet Foods NB newsletter. This very informative article was written by our friend, and Storyhealer, Kathy Mercure. “Cats are sponges for the energies they feel around them. They seem to have an innate ability to heal and not be affected. But, if they […]

Our Animal Companions

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By Steve Clayton As your relationship with your animal companion deepens do you begin to notice shifts in his or her personality? Is he anxious, angry, depressed or unnaturally happy? Do her eating and sleeping habits shift? Do you notice a correlation between how your companion is acting and how you are feeling? Are you […]

Pet Protection

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by Kim Hutchinson If you’re like us, then you feel guilty, and perhaps even a tad concerned, leaving your animal companion at home. The reality is that most people have to work outside the house and so they must leave their faithful, loving fur friends home alone. When you are at work, and your animal […]

Animal Healing: A Study in Love

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by Steve Clayton Unconditional Love It is said dogs are here to teach us about unconditional Love, and it would be hard to argue against that statement. After several years of working on all types of animals I can state categorically all animals are full of love; they are Love – horses, goats, cats, dogs, birds the […]

A Horse Named Tam

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By Steve Clayton A little over a week ago I was contacted to perform a distance healing on a horse in Zimbabwe. I asked for, and was sent, the horse’s name (Tam) and picture, along with a brief history of Tam’s life. From there the healing was set for last Thursday evening but, as I […]