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Helping Stressed Animals

The events of 2020 have changed how the world functions on every level. For many, these changes have been stressful and frightening. But humans are not the only ones affected by the turmoil; our animal companions are similarly vulnerable to unexpected change.

Life is a shared experience and that sharing is only enhanced by the animals we are blessed to journey with. Our animal companions play a key and important role in our well-being, just as we do for them.

How our animal companions are affected

Animals are highly attuned to energetic changes, and are able to detect even the subtlest variations. They are also acutely aware of our reactions to these unexpected, and sometimes unwanted, changes.

In an effort to help us, our loving companions act as filters for our emotions, siphoning off as much of this worry and negative emotion from us as possible. Many animal companions overload their own energy fields, taking on more of our energy than they can handle.

How You Can Help

Notice the Signs

When an animal is overloaded with stress, anxiety or excess energy, you may see some the following behavioural clues:

  • Change in diet and/or eating habits
  • Drinking more or less water than usual
  • Lethargy or hyperactivity
  • Oversleeping
  • Moodiness, depression
  • Heavy panting in dogs
  • Separation anxiety
  • Isolation / hiding
  • Increased vocalization
  • Shaking
  • Aggression
  • Hyper-vigilance

However the energetic overload presents it is imperative not ignore the signals.

Address their needs

  • Exercise: Physical activity is a great way to help our animal companions release unwanted, or excess, energy before it starts to affect them negatively.
  • Playtime: Having fun with your animal companion is very beneficial for both of you. It promotes good mental and emotional health, and it strengthens your bond.
  • Peace: Quiet, relaxing time spent together helps to soothe the nervous system.
  • Energy Healing: A highly beneficial and natural way for an animal to cope with, and heal from, stress and dis-ease is energy healing. It helps to clear, balance, and rejuvenate an animal’s chakra system and energy field.

For the past 12 years, I have had the great privilege of helping animals worldwide (and people, too) resolve stress and dis-ease through energy healing. If you would like me to help your animal companion, I would be pleased to assist.

To book a healing, or for more information, please visit my animal energy healing page:

Lots of love to you and to your beloved animal companions!


  • Steve Clayton

    Steve is a compassion, wise energy healer who helps people and animals regain their inner balance. Steve and wife Kim Hutchinson created in 2008 to provide holistic care for people, pets, and places worldwide. Additionally, Steve has supported the local holistic community as the founder and organizer of the Riverview Holistic Fairs, and as a member of the Riverview Health and Wellness Committee.

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