Dog Healing Synchronicity

By Steve Clayton

Every animal healing is remarkable, but I seldom write about these incredible sessions. Recently, however, I had an extra special connection with a dog, and so I am sharing this experience with you. The pup and I connected in a way that both delighted and amused me, and it also reminded me how interconnected we all are.

A few nights ago, I began a distance healing with a dog who lives a great distance from me. This was the first time healing this dog, and connecting with the pup’s family.

I was in a deeply meditative state with gentle music playing in the background. Everything felt right, except I was having a hard time connecting energetically with the dog.

Then, in my mind I heard, “Play Gregorian chant”.

Being a fan of Anonymous 4, I switched to their music. Almost instantly, I made the connection with the pup, and we had an awesome session.

Afterwards, I told the pet mom about this in my email. She then shared that her family listens to Gregorian chant in the evening to help them wind down before bedtime. Amazing!

When I shared this experience with Kim, she interjected by exclaiming, “You did not subject that poor dog to Gregorian chant?!” I then told her about the connection with the family and she laughed with delight.

I love synchronicity, and I love this journey!

Love and Light to all. ?

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