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Atlantean Time Loop

By Kim Hutchinson

I had an interesting ascension dream in which I helped to repair a timeline loop. This was connected to the cataclysmic fall of Atlantis. It needed to be fixed as this ancient trauma was still in our collective consciousness, weighing us down and hampering our ascension process.

As the dream began, I was on board a large ship called The Ascension. We had a very small crew for such a big vessel. It was a moonless night, and the inky darkness that surrounded us felt oppressive.

I had a sense of being on board this ship before, and so I looked around for clues as to why. As I was flipping through the ship’s logs, three entries jumped out at me. These were names, typed in red font. Intuitively, I knew they belonged to the Atlantean prophets who had foretold the coming of the tsunamis that would flood their land and wash away their civilization. Interestingly, in this vision, two of the three prophets had my last name. (Obviously, I don’t believe my family name is Atlantean. Instead, it was used to catch my attention and to demonstrate a connection with Atlantis.)

As the dream progressed, it became evident that the ship was caught in an endless journey through a very dark night, analogous to the Dark Night of the Soul. The trauma was so visceral and the dread so palpable, that it felt current, rather than historic, in nature. It became evident that this unending cycle of fear and destruction was a negative time loop. The cataclysmic demise of Atlantis created a trauma so profound that is still rippling through our collective consciousness today. It was up to my shipmates and me to repair the timeline, release the cycle the fear, and set humanity free.

I looked out at the ocean, so black and cold, and sensed a tidal wave bearing down on us. The feeling of dread was crippling. I knew I had to do something quickly. I closed my eyes and said in a firm, loud inner voice, “NO! I do not accept this timeline. It is not in my freewill to experience it.”

I felt something shift. When I opened my eyes, we were no longer at sea. Our ship was safety docked in a big, tropical cove. The sky was filled with sunset hues, and many lights twinkled from the shore. People were socializing. Music was playing. Laughter rang through the evening air. I looked around at my fellow crewmembers and they were all smiles. The danger had passed. The fear was gone.

When I awoke, I knew this wasn’t a regular dream. It felt more vivid and I could easily recall all the details. Everything looked and felt different, as though I had jumped timelines.

On an interesting side note, my day was spent dealing with water issues in our home. Our laundry room sink backed up and overflowed (flooded) and so we had to call in plumbers to auger out our pipes (timelines). They found that the water out-take from our washing machine was obstructed by roots (family / history), and it was backing up (looping) into our house. Everything is now flowing smoothly. It was an expensive parallel to my dream, but the message wasn’t lost on me!


  • Kim Hutchinson

    Kim is a highly empathic spiritual healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Her writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

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4 thoughts on “Atlantean Time Loop”

  1. Wow, just wow!!! Kimmy, thank you for your work in that dream, helping ALL of us get to a safe port! You’re right, that Atlantean history is buried deep in our dna memory and we carry the trauma from lifetime to lifetime. How else does the legend persist through generations if it’s only a “myth”? Finally, we’re being freed and I thank you for your knowing that all we need to do is declare that we do not consent! The Great Awakening is indeed happening before our eyes! XOXO

    1. I always love your comments and insights, Rosemary! Thank you soooo much! xoxo

      I agree with you about the trauma being carried in our DNA and, like you, I was amazed at how simply we can extricate ourselves from it. Here’s to our collective awakening! 🙂

      Much love xoxo

  2. Very vivid with the explanation of the dream in reference to life cycle. Connecting with this level of conscious and translation to reality with quite unique in ingenious. I hope you find the others you speak of to help with the future of changing perception of life. Love and light my friend.

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