The Power of the Tetrahedron

By Kim Hutchinson

Everything in the universe is structured on sacred geometry. One of these forms is the tetrahedron, which is essentially a 3-D pyramid. The tetrahedron can be used to purify water, preserve food, relieve pain, heal wounds, increase extrasensory perception, prolong life, and even control the weather. Adding the element of colour and/or a crystal can further enhance the power of the tetrahedron.

How to Tap into Pyramid Power

  • Envision an emerald green tetrahedron over a person or animal to amplify healing.
  • For protection, imagine a royal blue tetrahedron, the colour of Archangel Michael, over your home and family.
  • To enhance creativity, envision yourself under a copper pyramid filled with turquoise light.
  • To promote sound sleep, envision an amethyst pyramid over your bed.

Have fun with this! Try out different combinations to see which ones work best for you.

Weather Modification

Did you know you can also affect the weather with a tetrahedron?

Most of us are aware that the weather affects our mood, but how many people know that our emotions affect the weather? Our collective emotions can cause disruptions in the atmosphere. We unconsciously think and feel weather into existence. For example, happiness manifests as sunshine; grief and depression can bring on dark, gloomy weather; anger might provoke fiery thunderstorms; and fear could show up as windstorms. Once you accept that concept, it’s possible to then consciously affect the weather.

I played around with this technique and found that I had the greatest influence over the weather when I combined visualization with emotion. I start by envisioning a massive pyramid of light over my neighbourhood. Then then imagine a beam of light emitting from the centre of the pyramid, shooting high into the sky. If there are clouds above, I set the intention for the beam of light to cut an opening in the clouds. As it does, I inevitably see a spot of blue sky poking through. I then focus on expanding the light beam so that it disperses the clouds around it. The more the cloud cover clears, the greater the expanse of blue sky I see.  The effect was a noticeable and lasting improvement in the weather.

Try it for yourself and see.

The Healing Prismatic Pyramid

Here is a technique for restoring balance and wellness:

  • Visualize your spirit light body as a crystal tetrahedron.
  • Next, imagine light passing through the prism.
  • Recognize how this light makes you feel.

Sometimes these prisms get flipped upside down. Our chakras are inverted to the energy coming in so our root chakra connects with spirit, and vice versa. We find ourselves using our spiritual power to manifest money, and we are given spiritual help when we really need material things. Others may feel rooted to the 3rd dimension and fearful about moving to a higher octave of existence. Only the heart chakra aligns correctly. This is why it is so important to think with your heart, not your head.

In some cases, a person’s prism is spinning in the wrong direction or at the wrong speed. They may be taking in blessings, but are actually diffusing the light and streaming it outward in all directions. In the end they’re left with very little. They may feel like the ascension process is leaving them behind. In truth, no one is ever cut off from Source.

In other cases, people’s prisms are on their side, with the widest end facing spirit, so the energy hits and bounces off as though it is hitting a wall. Consequently, they never see evidence of spirit and are the ones who always seem to lack. They don’t have anything to give others. This applies to energy and a desire to help others.

Set your intention to correct your alignment, spin ratio, size and shape of your spirit light body. Ask Mother Earth to help you with this. Once you are in harmony with her, you’ll begin to notice a steady improvement in your health, energy, emotional and physical stability.

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