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Aura Shaving

By Kim Hutchinson

Selectric-razoromething unusual happened yesterday during one of my Multi-Dimensional Healing and Guidance sessions. While in a lucid dream state, I was facilitating a remote healing for a person who was experiencing emotional duress. Archangel Michael was assisting with the process of clearing her energy field. Ordinarily, Michael’s tool of choice is a sword of light, or as I like to call it, a lightsaber. He uses the sword to cut away cords of fear* which are negative energy attachments. Yesterday, however, Michael produced what looked like a cordless electric razor, and began to ‘shave’ the patient’s aura. Needless to say, I was intrigued.

During the shaving process, Michael removed tiny strands of energy attachments. These filaments were as fine as hair. In fact, when Michael cleared away energetic attachments around the woman’s head, it looked like he was pulling her hair. She had so many attachments around her head, the clusters resembled pony tails. Once those were removed, her energy soared and her emotions immediately stabilized. Archangel Michael performed the same procedure on me, and it felt incredible.  I had so much energy afterward, I felt like I could fly.

After the healing, I shared this discovery with Steve. As I described the ‘aura shave’, Steve became animated. He revealed that he experienced the same phenomena during his recent healings. He told me that he often feels like he’s pulling out long strands of hair, especially around a person’s head. These fine energetic attachments, he said, feel exactly like human hair. He was relieved to know that he wasn’t actually pulling out people’s’ hair.  🙂

These fine cords are a result of a higher frequency energy exchange. As we expand our consciousness and move into higher vibrational realms, the energy manifestations become increasing more refined. New third dimensional energy cords look like medical tubing, and old cords like tree trunks. Fourth dimensional energy attachments are much finer, like hair. These ‘hairs’ can appear anywhere on the auric field, but tend to cluster heavily around the head.

Whether you’re healing yourself, or someone else, it is important to not only cut the cords of fear, but also to also ‘shave’ the auric field. Try it, and see the difference for yourself.

*Cords of fear are created when we interact with people who drain us and/or give us their negative energy. The same applies in the reverse. We also create energetic attachments to loved ones and to anyone else whose support we feel we need. These cords allow energy to be transferred to and from other people. I’ve also seen cords attached to animals, trees, houses, cars, land and so forth. Since everything is energy, the interaction of one energy field with another has the potential for creating energy-draining attachments. That is why it is vitally important to cut your cords of fear on a regular basis. You’re not just clearing yourself; you’re also clearing your loved ones of unwanted energy.


  • Kim Hutchinson

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2 thoughts on “Aura Shaving”

  1. Kim I loved that blog about Archangel Michael. I need to come see you for a healing very soon. Do you do the Angel healings in person? and How much is it. Thanks Stacey

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