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Distance Healing

Multi-Dimensional Guidance

Expand your consciousness. Realign with your divine origins. Reclaim your sovereign power. Transcend limitations. Reawaken soul wisdom and gifts. Accelerate your ascension. Rediscover the perfection of your Being. Connect with peace, bliss and perfect Oneness.

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A New Approach: While meditating with Source, Kim was guided to focus on transformation rather than healing. As a result, she now offers spiritual guidance that blends intuition, wisdom, teaching and coaching.

In Need of Healing? Steve can help. He now offers both in-person and distance healing, including Implant and Entity Removal.

Ascension Support

Ascension refers to the awakening  process and re-expansion of consciousness that shifts us from the illusion of separation back to Source Oneness.

Whether you have been on the ascension path for a while, or have recently awoken and are unsure of what is happening to you, Kim can help. As an ascension guide, she is well-versed in topics such as: the Awakening Process; Ascension Symptoms; the Dark Night of the Soul; Ascension Mechanics; Timeline Jumping; Vibration Raising; Intra- and Extraterrestrial Influences; the Multiverse; our Multidimensional Origins, and more.

$77 Canadian (Currency Converter)
See FAQ for details

Crystal and stone guidance

Crystal Oracles

Crystals hold the memories of Earth's history, and are richly imbued with Gaian goddess energy.

Tap into ancient wisdom from our crystalline brothers and sisters, and receive loving guidance. Crystal readings are sage, deep and grounded, just like crystals themselves. Crystals respond to the deeper part of your mind, your subconscious. They can offer great insights along with emotional clarity. They are also powerfully healing, and this vibration carries through their messages to you.

$77 Canadian (Currency Converter)
See FAQ for details

Angelic guidance

Angel Wisdom

Angels are loving spiritual guides from the higher dimensions. They heal, comfort, guide and protect us.

Angel readings expand consciousness and help us to see life from a higher perspective. Angelic loving wisdom blends counseling, coaching and teaching. Their enlightening guidance comes from a place of deep compassion, love and peace. They empower us to make positive choices that align with our greatest good.

$88 Canadian (Currency Converter)
See FAQ for details

Purchase FAQ

*** Purchase of service(s) shows you agree to the TERMS OF SALE and the DISCLAIMER. ***

*** If you are in crisis, please consult a licensed healthcare professional instead. ***

Distance Sessions Only: All services are provided remotely. Sorry, there are no phone, Skype or in-person options. Correspondence and arrangements are handled via email.

Number of Questions / Topics: Kim will address up to four questions or topics per session.

Payment Method(s): Payment is securely handled by PayPal using the PURCHASE buttons on this page. If you live in Canada, and would prefer to pay via Interac eTransfer, please contact Kim for details.

Payment Confirmation (PayPal only): You will receive two confirmation emails.

  1) PayPal Receipt: If you do not receive this within 30 minutes of purchase, contact PayPal for help.

  2) Kim's Auto-Response: This email is sent automatically once your payment clears. It contains further instructions.

Scheduling: Once your payment clears, Kim will email you to let you know when you will receive your guidance. The norm is between 1 - 14 days. Kim replies to emails Monday to Friday from 10 am - 4 pm AST.

Audio Recording: Kim will record your guidance; upload the file to DropBox File Hosting, and then send it to you as a downloadable link. The email will also include instructions on how to listen to the recording, as well as how to save it for future reference.

Happy Clients

"Everything you said was extraordinarily specific and resonated very strongly and deeply. To say that the nail was repeatedly hit on the head would be an understatement. You are very gifted."

"Recommending Kim is easy. She is a beautiful Angelic human. Very connected to Source, highly intuitive. Messages that came through for me were uplifting and true."

"Wow Kim, this was powerful. It was bang-on. It always amazes me how the angels show you exactly what you need. I felt very empowered by the closing message. I love and appreciate you so much! You really are an angel!"

"Kim is amazing, she always gives great advice and has helped me a lot to understand a lot of things. I recommend her very highly!"

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