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Distance Healing

Multi-Dimensional Healing & Guidance

Journey on the soul plane to higher realms where healing is positively transformative and enlightening. Unite your soul in every dimension and timeline with loving spirit guides, angels and soul family, to help you remember who you really are: a wise, limitless, eternal, divine Being of Light and Love.

Featured on the Cosmic Awakening Show: How to Exit the Matrix, hosted by Michelle Walling

Out-of-This-World Healing

Heal core wounds by realigning with your divine origins, your soul's history and your spiritual loved ones, and by rediscovering the perfection of your divine Being. Reawaken to the fact that you are both the dream and the dreamer, then dream a new and improved dream of yourself and your life. Reclaim your sovereign power along with your health and happiness. Transcend the limitations of the old 3D paradigm, while embracing your higher dimensional wisdom and gifts. Accelerate your personal ascension and assist with Gaia's transition into 5D. Expand your consciousness to connect with peace, bliss and perfect Oneness.

Combined Modalities

During healing, Kim employs a holistic combination of the following techniques:

Lucid Dream Healing

All healing and guidance sessions happen while Kim is in a lucid dream state. A lucid dream is a conscious dream. The dreamer realizes that she is having a dream, and then is able to take control of it and do anything she wishes (i.e. conduct a healing). Lucid dream healing and intuiting are not new phenomena. The renowned Edgar Cayce was known as the Sleeping Prophet due to his ability to diagnosis medical conditions and provide past life accounts while in a sleep-like state. Like Cayce, Kim's lucid dream ability came to her spontaneously. With the help of her angelic guides, Kim went on to develop techniques that help her access higher knowledge and facilitate powerful healing while dreaming. Kim expands her consciousness into higher dimensions where she heals with, and receives messages from, divine beings of Love and Light. Her awareness allows Kim to act as both a crystal-clear channel for healing, and as a witness to your healing. Following the dream healing, Kim is able to recall in great detail what transpired.

Energy Healing: On the quantum level everything is energy, so repair of the energy body sends healing to the mental, emotional and physical levels. As a certified energy healer, Kim is able to address dis-ease on the energetic plane by focusing on aura and chakra clearing and repair; cords of fear removal, and prana tube repair and re-expansion. Regular energy healings can also help maintain wellness. 

Angelic Healing: Angels are loving, compassionate spiritual guides from the higher dimensions who help us without judgment. They heal, guide, love, protect and comfort us, and they also help to expand our consciousness. Their loving wisdom blends counseling, coaching and teaching, and empowers us to make positive choices that align with our greatest good. Angels heal with pure intention, divine light, crystals, energy and sound. 

Source Reunion: Kim will journey with your soul to the highest level of consciousness, and the most expanded. During this process, you will merge into One with All That Is. Reconnecting with the divine helps heal core wounds by realigning you with your soul blueprint; by showing you the perfection of your soul, and by demonstrating that that this life is simply a dream your soul is having. Realizing that you are both the dream and the dreamer gives you the power to throw off the shackles that hold you down and rob you of happiness, health, success and love.

Ascension Healing and Support: Ascension refers to the awakening process and re-expansion of consciousness that shifts us from the illusion of separation back to Source Oneness. Whether you have been on the ascension path for a while, or have recently awoken and are unsure of what is happening to you, Kim can help. As an ascension guide, she is well-versed in topics such as the Awakening Process; Ascension Symptoms; the Dark Night of the Soul; Ascension Mechanics; Timeline Jumping; Vibration Raising; Intra- and Extraterrestrial Influences; the Multiverse; our Multidimensional Origins, and more.

Crystal Healing and Wisdom: Crystals hold the memories of Earth's history, and are richly imbued with Gaian goddess energy. Tap into ancient Earth wisdom and receive crystalline energy healing. Each crystal possesses unique healing and guidance properties, yet all offer sage wisdom and deep healing. Crystals respond to your vibration and to your subconscious mind. A crystal consult and healing will help you to feel more grounded and emotionally clear.

Home Healing and Space Clearing: Heavy energy can be found in houses where the family, guests or even neighbours were angry, ill, upset or scared. Earth-bound spirits and 4D service-to-self entities gravitate to unhappy homes. Working with space clearing experts Archangels Michael, Raphael and Jophiel, Kim scans the home and property to identify problem areas. Stagnant, unhealthy, heavy energies are dislodged, dissolved and removed using sparkling white light in the form of a vortex. If applicable, you and your family members and pets will also be cleared. In case of spirit releasement, Archangels Michael and Raphael will help guide these Earthbound entities Home. The space is then infused with pure divine energy to lift the vibration of the home and occupants.

Implant and Entity Removal: Archons and other parasitical beings have tampered with humanity both directly, and via implants, keeping our negative emotions stirred up so they can feed off our fear. The healing takes place in the 7th dimension, where implants and entities are more easily removed. The healing begins with a multidimensional scan to identity problems area. Working with angels, Kim employs focused light directed through crystals to neutralize and dissolve implants. Entities are trapped and removed using sacred geometric light patterns. Chakras are repaired; cords are removed, and energetic protection is activated.

Past Life Healing and Wisdom: There is but one eternal life for you, Dear Soul. Resolve mysterious phobias by clearing fears that stem from prior incarnations, including 'death', illness and trauma. Free yourself from outdated contracts, oaths, vows and allegiances to bygone partners, religious orders and organizations. Resolve karma by integrating lessons from the past. Reclaim past abilities and talents. Reawaken forgotten wisdom. Remember happy past experiences. Integrate soul aspects from past timelines.

Soul Healing and Akashic Insights: You are an eternal, limitless spark of the Divine who exists in every dimension and parallel universes simultaneously. Your soul will reveal the parts of its infinite existence which are most relevant to you today. This information may include your soul age and your purpose, along with your galactic and your dimensional origins. 

Star Infusion: In the ninth dimension, many souls are expressing themselves as stars. These glorious, fiery orbs of light are exquisite life-giving forces. Kim's 9D star soul will merge with your higher self, infusing your energy body with powerful light while simultaneously burning away that which no longer serves your highest good. You will be filled with the perfection of divine Source light and the glowing warmth of the Grand Central Sun.

The Healing Process

Part 1: Soul Consultation

While in a lucid dream state, Kim will meet with your soul in 5D (the fifth dimensional plane) to learn about your healing needs. Whatever wisdom your soul shares, Kim will pass that along to you in the healing summary. Kim will also honour whatever healing suggestions your soul makes. Ultimately, you (both your human and higher self) are in charge of this healing process.

Part 2: Multidimensional Healing
Kim will journey with your soul to higher realms. 

Most souls choose to go to the 7D angelic homeworld for healing at the Crystal Palace. Assisted by a team of healer angels, including Archangel Raphael, Kim will lovingly heal your energy body with higher dimensional energy, sound and crystals, using a variety of powerful healing techniques. Most healings take place on the Angelic home world in a healing facility such as the Crystal Palace, a crystalline structure used for sound healing where angels gather to sing, thus creating harmonic resonance. Your entire being will reverberate with sound, and those waves of love and light will remove stubborn blockages and retune your energy field to the frequency of Source. If you are ready to transcend your old beliefs and are open to receiving all the blessings of this divine healing, then your healing may also come with an awakening, an ascension in consciousness, reconnection with your Spirit Lightbody, and many more joyous possibilities.

- Some starseeds prefer to return to their homeworld. That is because they feel homesick. (A starseed is a person who has incarnated on Earth fewer than 8 times.) Kim will guide you home, and will then assist your soul group in healing you.

Part 3: Healing Summary
Kim will record a detailed description of the healing along with all the messages received. She will then upload the recording to a file hosting website and will email you a download link. You can listen to the recording as many times as you wish. You will also have the recording as a keepsake.  
Kim will also include instructions on how to receive the healing. This energy will be held in reserve for you until you are ready to experience it.

Purchase a Healing

By purchasing this service, you agree to the TERMS OF SALE and DISCLAIMER. Prices are in Canadian Dollars (See Exchange Rates).

DIRECTIONS: Click the button with the number of goals (i.e. to calm anxiety or to alleviate pain) you have for this healing session. Payment will be handled securely by PayPal. Read FAQ below for more info.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does a healing and guidance session include?

A: Each session includes the following:

Distance Energy Healing: While in a lucid dream state, Kim will journey with your soul to higher dimensions where you will receive transformational healing with Source and loving beings of light, including angels and spirit guides.
[Healing Length: 1 - 2 hours]

Recorded Audio Guidance: Kim will email you a recording containing a detailed description of your healing, along with soul wisdom and healing insights. You will also receive instructions on how to receive the energy healing.
[Recording Length: 30 - 60 min.]


Q: Why doesn't Kim see people in person?

A: Kim heals while she is lucid dreaming. It would not be conducive to the process if you were in the room.


Q: Why doesn't Kim offer Skype or Phone sessions?

A: Kim is highly empathic, meaning she absorbs emotions and energy like a sponge. In order to be a crystal clear channel for healing, she needs the detachment that email affords.


Q: Why doesn't Kim need to coordinate a time for the healing? Why doesn't the healing happen in 'real' time?

A: Kim heals in the higher dimensions, beyond the limits of time-space, where everything happens in the eternal Now. That being said, Kim will let you know what day she will facilitate your healing. After the healing, she will also include instructions on how to receive the energy and benefits of the healing. It will feel as though it is happening in 'real' time.


Q: Why doesn't Kim offer readings anymore?

A: If you need a reading, it means you aren't receiving the guidance that you should be. That indicates that healing is required. Kim's ultimate goal is to empower you.


Q: Does Kim accept any payment other than PayPal?

A: If you live in Canada, and would prefer to pay via Interac eTransfer, please contact Kim for details.

Q: How do I know if my payment went through?
A: You should receive a PayPal receipt within 30 minutes. It will be sent to the email address linked to your PayPal account. If you don't see it, contact PayPal for help. You will also receive an auto-response email from Kim, sent to the same email account.


Q: What is the wait time for a healing?

A: On average, it is about 1 - 2 weeks, but it might be as little as 1 day. If Kim is really busy, she will post an announcement on this page.

Q: What day will I receive my healing? What is Kim's schedule?

A: Kim heals, and replies to emails, Monday to Friday from 10 am - 4 pm AST.

NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL CARE: The healing services offered here are meant to complement, rather than replace, standard medical care. Kim is not a doctor. She cannot diagnose; prescribe, or provide guaranteed results. Please consult with your primary care provider before following any guidance or lifestyle changes that Kim suggests. You must be of legal age to purchase to receive healing, unless arrangements are made by a parent or legal guardian. If in crisis, please seek immediate assistance from a licensed health care professional instead.

Happy Clients

"Kim is absolutely amazing. Her work is very powerful, and she is my go-to practitioner."

"I am so blessed to have received the wonderful insights and healings that have changed my life in so many positive and amazing ways! I have no doubts that this multi-dimensional healing was so needed and perfectly timed. To anyone who is in a negative place or to that person who may just want to learn more about themselves and who they really are as souls I hope you take that leap of faith and know that you are in amazing hands! I was received with so much kindness and understanding that it felt like I was speaking with an old friend. I have learned so many important lessons about why I was the way I was and who I truly am at my core that I can now move forward into a more loving and positive existence all thanks to the lovely Kim. Thank you and many blessings!"

"Kim is absolutely the most heart-based, gifted Light Worker I have ever encountered. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I feel on a daily basis (still, over a year after the sessions) for the multi-dimensional healing she facilitated for myself and 7 other soul family members. Because of her loving guidance, we now live with very few fear-based thoughts and emotions, have a flourishing metaphysical business, and are able to fulfill or soul missions by helping others during this ascension process. Kim changed our lives forever, in the most beautiful ways."

"Kim was spot on about my ascension experience and service here to the divine. I highly recommend here for reading and healing services."

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