Distance Healing

Multi-Dimensional Healing

Unite your soul in every dimension and timeline with loving spirit guides, angels and soul family, to help you remember who you really are: a wise, eternal, divine Being of Light and Love.

Multi-Dimensional Healing

Multidimensional Healing unites your soul in every dimension and timeline with loving spirit guides, angels and soul family, to help you remember who you really are: a wise, limitless, eternal, divine Being of Light and Love.

  • Heal core wounds by realigning with your divine origins, your soul's history and your spiritual loved ones, and by rediscovering the perfection of your divine Being.
  • Reawaken to the fact that you are both the dream and the dreamer, then dream a new and improved dream of yourself and your life.
  • Reclaim your sovereign power along with your health and happiness.
  • Transcend limitations of the old 3D paradigm, while embracing your higher dimensional wisdom and gifts.
  • Accelerate your ascension and assist with Gaia's transition into 5D/7D.
  • Expand your consciousness to connect with peace, bliss and perfect Oneness.

Is this a Reading?

No. Although soul guidance is a part of it, this is a healing. Its purpose is to remove blockages that interfere with clarity; to help you rediscover your inner truth, and to empower you to create the life of your dreams.

Healing Process

Step 1: Preparation

Kim begins by asking your highest self for permission to help you, thus ensuring that the healing is in your greatest good. Next, she clears herself and her home, and sets positive intentions for the healing. She then calls on your multidimensional self and hers, along with all your guides (soulmates, spirit guides, guardian angels, twin flames, etc.) to help with the healing.

Step 2: 5D Consultation

For the next stage, Kim puts herself into a deeply meditative state known as a lucid dream. She then meets with your soul in the fifth dimension to determine how best to help you. Your soul will share any information that is relevant for your healing.

Step 4: 7D Multidimensional Energy Healing

Next, Kim journeys with your soul to the 7th dimensional angelic home world (or to your soul's homeworld, if your higher self prefers). Most healings take place in the Crystal Palace. This beautiful building is made of shimmering, multi-hued crystal that appears to be filled with flowing water. The interior of the building is open and light-filled. High above in the rafters are healing tables. Each is made of the same crystal as the building. Below, the angels gather to sing, and their glorious song reverberates throughout the building, creating a healing harmonic resonance which causes the entire building - and the healing tables - to vibrate. It's like being inside a giant crystal singing bowl! Kim's higher self is an angel named Christos. He will join Archangel Raphael and his team of healing angels, to lovingly heal your energy body with higher dimensional energy, sound and crystals, using a variety of powerful healing techniques.

Energy Healing

All healings include the following:

  • Aura clearing and repair
  • Chakra healing and balancing
  • Cords (of fear) removal
  • Prana tube repair
  • Grounding
  • Light and Love infusion
  • Soul blueprint realignment
  • Source Infusion or Reunion with Source

Specialty Healing (Optional)

You have the option to add one of the following specialty healings to your energy healing.

    Step 5: Recorded Description

    After the healing, Kim records a detailed account of the experience and emails this to you as a download link.

    Purchase a Healing

    By purchasing any of the following healing services, you are agreeing to the TERMS OF SALE and DISCLAIMER. Questions? See FAQ. Kim responds to inquires during regular business hours (Mon. - Fri. 9-5 AST). Scroll down to see all your options.

    Currently Unavailable: Due to a backlog of healings, Kim is not booking new sessions at this time. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

    Energy Healing

    $77 (Canadian Dollars - See Currency Convertor)

    [See full details above] This all-purpose angelic energy healing includes an aura and chakra clearing and repair; cords of fear removal; prana tube repair and re-expansion; soul blueprint realignment, and a Light and Love infusion/ reunion with Source.

    Energy + Surrogate Healing

    $88 (Canadian Dollars - See Currency Convertor)

    Sensitive souls (i.e. empaths, caretakers) frequently feel drained due to the weight of other peoples' needs. The angels will create an energetic duplicate of you, powered by pure Source energy, and then transfer all energetic cords into your duplicate. That way, the people who rely on you will receive divine love, instead of draining you, thus benefiting everyone.

    Energy + Star Healing

    $88 (Canadian Dollars - See Currency Convertor)

    In the ninth dimension, many souls are expressing themselves as stars. These glorious, fiery orbs of light are exquisite life-giving forces. Kim's 9D star soul will merge with your higher self, infusing your energy body with powerful light while simultaneously burning away that which no longer serves your highest good. You will be filled with the perfection of divine Source light and the glowing warmth of the Grand Central Sun.

    Energy + Ascension Healing

    $99 (Canadian Dollars - See Currency Convertor)

    We are awakening from our 3D dream and expanding consciousness to encompass the higher dimensions. The angels can help you through this ascension process much like a flight crew helps a hot air balloon to take flight. They will help you jettison the ropes and sandbags (i.e. ego fear and pain that hold you down), and aid in the inflation of your balloon (i.e. infusing you with love, light and inspiration).

    Energy + Past Life Healing

    $111 (Canadian Dollars - See Currency Convertor)

    There is but one eternal life for you, Dear Soul, so prior incarnations are still an influence. You may have fears stemming from 'death', illness and trauma, along with contracts, sworn oaths and vows to bygone partners and religious orders. Most people also have karma which equates to unfinished lessons. You and the angels will view the past life scenes that are causing you problems today, and then the angels will help you heal these unhealthy ties and old wounds.

    Energy + Implant/Entity Healing

    $111 (Canadian Dollars - See Currency Convertor)

    Archons and other parasitical beings have tampered with humanity both directly, and via implants, keeping our negative emotions stirred up so they can feed off our fear. The angels neutralize the implants with light (lasers), thus enabling them to be easily removed. Entities are trapped by Archangels Michael and Raphael using light in sacred geometric patterns, and are returned to Source.

    Energy + Home Healing

    $111 (Canadian Dollars - See Currency Convertor)

    Heavy energy can be found in houses where the family, guests or even neighbours were angry, ill, upset or scared. Earthbound spirits and 4D service-to-self entities gravitate to unhappy homes. Archangels Michael and Raphael, will employ angelic multidimensional energy to clean your property and family, and to give you an infusion of divine light and love. The angels will also ensure the Earthbound souls find their way Home.

    Purchase FAQ

    • All sessions are remote healings (No phone, Skype or in-person options)
    • Every healing includes an energy healing.
    • There is no need to coordinate a time for the healing as it happens outside the limitations of time/space. 

    Purchase Process

    Step 1: Pay via PayPal

    Step 2: Check Your Email

    The following two messages emails will be sent to the same email address that you use with your PayPal account:

    • PayPal Receipt: If you do not receive this within an hour of purchase, contact PayPal.
    • Kim's Auto-Reply: This email is sent automatically once your payment clears. It contains further instructions for you, including what to send Kim in preparation for the healing (i.e. healing intentions, recent photo and a brief background).


    • Date: Once Kim receives your healing information (from step 2), she will confirm a date for your healing. This is the day that she will complete her part of your healing. Kim does not need to coordinate your healing with you.
    • Healing Energy + Audio: When Kim completes her part in the healing, she will email you directions on how to receive the energy. You can do this when it is most convenient for you, and the experience will be exactly the same as if it were happening in 'real time'. Kim's email will also include a detailed audio description, sent as a download link, of the healing process. Instructions on how to listen to, and save, the recording will be included.

    Integrative Care

    The healing services we offer are integrative; they complement, rather than replace, conventional medicine. We cannot diagnose, prescribe or provide guaranteed results. Please continue to receive regular medical care, and consult with your doctor before following any guidance or treatment we suggest. You must be of legal age to purchase to receive healing, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. If in crisis, please seek immediate assistance from a licensed health care professional.

    Happy Clients

    "Kim is absolutely amazing. Her work is very powerful, and she is my go-to practitioner. Her work has made the biggest difference in my relationship!"

    "OMG I FEEL INCREDIBLE!  I feel lighter, happier and almost instantly transformed! I haven't vibrated this high in a very long time. I am Always Blown Away at your Incredible ability to provide such an AMAZING Healing with the Angels."

    "I can't tell you how grateful I am. I knew when the healing was being done. It was the high frequency. I now have perfect vision. Also I can feel differences in the energy of my heart and root chakras. I finally have the new beginning I have so longed for."

    "You BLEW my mind. I have energy work...this was unique. It was like an energetic massage. I could feel my body vibrating. Then it calmed. And a sense of peace washed over me. I felt overwhelming gratitude as I heard about my past lives, the struggles...and that they had been healed. "

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