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Reiki, Crystals and Sound

Vibrational Energy Healing

Therapeutic energy, crystals, sound, intuition, and loving intention combine to create the perfect environment for deep healing.

About Holistic Healing

Full-Spectrum Vibrational Energy Healing, a.k.a. The Clayhut Healing Method, is a deeply relaxing, yet powerful, way to heal body, mind and spirit. Vibrational Energy Treatments heal holistically, so that your whole Being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) benefits rather than just a specific part or symptom. Healing energy, crystals and sound are combined with various healing techniques and intuition to create the perfect environment for healing, restoration and relaxation. Through this process, you naturally release that which no longer serves you. This allows your body's innate healing abilities to take over, and helps you to reclaim your natural state of wellness. All of this can be achieved gently and safely in a non-invasive and relaxing manner.

Healing Focus

  • Clear and repair your aura with pure prana
  • Balance and restore your chakras
  • Raise your vibration and expand your consciousness
  • Address the root cause of dis-ease
  • Deeply relax as you release stress and anxiety
  • Boost your immune system and speed self-healing
  • Maintain wellness naturally

Holistic Approach

Vibrational Energy Healing is an organic blend of the following, based on your unique requirements:

  • Naturopathic Consultation
  • Crystal Healing
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Energy (Reiki + Chios® Energy Healing)
  • Sound Healing

Healing Session

Steve begins with a naturopathic consultation during which you will talk with him about your health concerns.

While you are lying fully clothed on a softly padded healing table, fitted with comfy blankets and pillows, Steve will channel healing energy through his hands and into your body using a combination of light touch and no touch. (If you are touch-sensitive, you can request a totally hands-free session.)

Steve may also employ vibrational healing instruments to conduct sound and light waves into your energetic field. These include a diagnostic pendulum, tuning forks, crystal healing wands, a crystal singing bowl and healing stones and crystals. Throughout this process, you will gently and naturally release that which no longer serves your highest good (pain, fear, dis-ease). By removing energetic blockages, your body's natural healing abilities can then take over.

Healing sessions are deeply relaxing. With few exceptions, people fall asleep within minutes. It's natural to sleep the whole time. (Don't worry about snoring....almost everyone does! Steve takes that as a good sign.)

Steve's approach is holistic in that he seamlessly blends techniques and modalities, while addressing your health concerns on the mind-body-spirit planes. This allows him to be more adaptable to your needs. There is also a greater synergy. In the words of Aristotle, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Combined modalities create something even more powerful than the individual techniques.

Perhaps even more importantly, Steve's approach to healing is thoroughly heart-based. The powerful resonance of Steve's heart energy, combined with his loving bond with Gaia, ensures that the healings are infused with nurturing, resorative love.

At the end of the healing, Steve will discuss with you his observations and intuitions, and will offer you a follow-up healing strategy. All of this is achieved safely in a non-invasive, loving and relaxing manner.

Most people feel wonderfully refreshed, relaxed and pain-free after only one session. Even so, subsequent treatments are highly beneficial. That is because healing takes place in stages. Your mind and body will not release all the pain and toxicity at once. That would overwhelm you and healing would immediately cease. Listen to your body and honour its needs. When you need another healing, you will know.

Book a Healing


1 Hour
Please be on time
24 hr. cancellation


$70 / hr.
Cash, Cheque


709 Cleveland Av.
Riverview, NB


Steve Clayton, n.d.

Insurance Coverage

Category: Naturopath
Blue Cross approved

No Fragrance

No Perfumes, Cologne or Smoke, please

Integrative Care

The healing services we offer are integrative; they complement, rather than replace, conventional medicine. We cannot diagnose, prescribe or provide guaranteed results. Please continue to receive regular medical care, and consult with your doctor before following any guidance or treatment we suggest. You must be of legal age to purchase to receive healing or guidance, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. If in crisis, please seek immediate assistance from a licensed health care professional.

Happy Clients

"I am utterly astounded that the pain I have suffered to the point of tears in my left hip has vanished. I can't believe it. Thanks Steve! You are amazing!! Even my elbows are improved. How could it have worked that fast?"

"Steve is so friendly and warm with a great sense of humor. I always feel so much lighter and calmer after a treatment. The energy causing the migraines has been cleared so that I can function once again. The effects last and underlying problems are resolved."

"The healing that Steve gave me was incredible! I released so much, and felt so light and free. All the way home I cried - tears of joy!! He is a very gifted healer and we're lucky to have him here."

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