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Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

Questions for Kim

Multidimensional Guidance

Do you offer in-person/Skype/phone sessions?

No I don't, sorry. I heal and receive intuitive guidance while lucid dreaming.

Why do you not offer your services in 'real time'?

There is no need to coordinate a time for the healing as the whole process takes place outside the limitations of time and space.

Can I get a reading about/for someone else?

No. I cannot ethically read another person's information without his or her permission.

What is Multidimensional Healing & Guidance?

Multidimensional guidance is a form of spiritual healing and communication that connects your soul, across timelines and dimensions, with healing angels and guides, helping you to release human limitations.

Questions for Steve

Naturopathic Consultation; Energy Healing and Animal Healing

What is your schedule? Do you work evenings / weekends?

Thursdays (afternoon and evening) are best, but I'm relatively flexible. I can see you evenings and on Saturday, too.

Do you take credit cards/debit?

Not directly, but you can use your credit card via PayPal. Click on the PURCHASE button for the service you wish, and then you will have an option of how you wish to pay (i.e. via your bak account or credit card).

For a debit alternative, you can send me payment via eTransfer if you live in Canada.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality. The term Reiki is comprised of two words: Rei, meaning 'God's Wisdom or the Higher Power', and Ki, which stands for 'life force energy'. It has been in existence for thousands of years, tracing back to Ancient Tibet. It was later rediscovered in 1922. Reiki works by transferring healing life force energy through one's palms into a patient. This energy can not only heal you, but it can also soothe emotions and take away stress. Reiki also helps maintain optimal health. It is a holistic, gentle, natural and safe healing modality.

What is EFT?

EFT is a holistic healing modality that helps heal emotional, health and performance issues. It combines Mind Body Medicine with Acupuncture (minus the needles). EFT works by tapping on the body's various meridian points and naming firstly the things with which you are unhappy, followed by a series of positive affirmations. The concept is so simple and yet the effects can be so powerful. Properly done, EFT can reduce healing time dramatically.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals as healing tools. When the stones are placed on the body, they amplify the healing of the chakras.

What is Sound Healing?

Our entire universe was created with sound. Everything is made of vibrating energy, and each vibration has a specific frequency, so sound healing is the perfect modality to help restore us to our original blueprint of divine health and happiness. Sound healing can be used to address every type of ailment imaginable by restoring perfect pitch to areas that are out of tune.

Animal Healing

I live outside Greater Moncton. Is that too far for Steve to make a house call?

It depends on how far away you live. If it isn't feasbile for Steve, then he can do a distance healing instead.

Can I bring my pet to you instead?

No, sorry. Steve prefers to come to you. It is far better to heal your pet in your home. That way, s/he stays calm and relaxed.

What is Pet Healing?

As with humans, animals have an energy field comprised of chakras and an aura, and just like us an animal's energy field can suffer disturbances that manifest as distress and even disease. Even though animals are better at coping with stress, your pet is very attuned to your moods. Your pet is also vulnerable to the same environmental toxins that can adversely affect your health. Steve employs Holistic Energy Healing to deliver non-invasive, holistic care that acts as preventative health care and it accelerates healing.


I'd like to drop in and chat.

Sorry, that isn't feasible. Steve and Kim work from their private home rather than an office, and they both have busy schedules. If you have questions, please contact them.

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